Another Kingdom is the first in a fantasy trilogy and was originally released as a podcast series performed by Michael Knowles.
The podcast rose to the top 100 of all podcasts with more than 500,000 hits!

Whether you’re a fantasy reader, an Andrew Klavan fan, a Michael Knowles fan, or watching the New York Times Bestseller list, this a story you shouldn’t miss.

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With more than 2,500 5-star reviews, it’s clear readers love this story!


in iTunes by Micah.E.Davis from USA on August 17, 2018
I love this show, and I can’t wait to get more!!!

Thoroughly gripping and enjoyable

in iTunes by JenRobbins from USA on August 13, 2018
This story is truly a fun escape from reality. Great job Andrew Klavan and Michael Knowles!

Worth it

in iTunes by bye bye baby from Australia on August 11, 2018
Can’t wait for the second season. A lot of fun and so easy to listen to over a great afternoon walk.

Klavan gives us a gripping fantasy

in iTunes by Blane♡ from USA on August 8, 2018
Knowles does an excellent performance
Two thumbs up !!!!

Sex, Drugs, and Rock’n’Roll

in iTunes by Ol’Norm from USA on August 7, 2018
This podcast glorifies none of these things. Basically, America’s dearest Rachel Maddow impersonator narrates a fantasy written by a skinny Mr. Clean which turns out more believable than the idea that socialism doesn’t always end in starvation and genocide.

Episode Thirteen: Another Kingdom

in iTunes by Cycel_51 from Canada on August 2, 2018
Awesome! Can’t wait for the new season to begin. Great job Knowles! And, congratulations on getting hitched!


in iTunes by Just.another.John from Canada on August 2, 2018
Great story, truly captivating. lord Klavan’s best ever.

Great performance by Cofefe king Knowles.


in iTunes by Vereiang from USA on July 23, 2018
This is amazing!!! When is season two dropping?!

Cool Story!

in iTunes by Ironbriggz from USA on July 23, 2018
This is a REALLY gripping story! Cant wait for the rest of it, keep up the good work!

Love me some No Eaze Klavan!

in iTunes by RegentDad from USA on July 18, 2018
I’m a fantasy fan and this is a very interesting hybrid of real world meets fantasy a la Terry Brooks Running with the Demon. My wife won’t listen cause of the occasional F bombs but it’s great yarn read exceptionally well!

Enjoyable. As simple as that.

in iTunes by Ohioboy6 from USA on July 8, 2018
Andrew Klavan is creative, funny, and resourceful in this fantasy thriller. I enjoyed it greatly. I just got on the check and see when I can listen to more and decided to leave review. Check this podcast out.
My advice? Take your time if possible. It is good to savor. 🙂
But yeah I couldn’t either.

Great Story

in iTunes by TheRedWingsFan from Canada on June 18, 2018
Incredible story with a cool new concept. Can’t wait for season 2! 😀

3 Cheers and 2 Complaints

in iTunes by Justaskosh from USA on June 4, 2018
I love Andrew Klavan’s humor and insight on his podcast (now that he’s stopped bashing #POTUS), so I had to hear this series; and Michael Knowles is pretty funny and sometimes even gets it right, so hearing him act sounded fun. The story dragged at first but I kept going back and finally got sucked in…and then…and then BAM! I heard several f-words and 2 explicit sexual scenes coming through my earbuds. I’m not a prude. I understand the need for context when we’re watching “Good Will Hunting” and there’s going to be f-words and sex scenes bc he’s a teen in South Boston. But there are plenty of great fantasy yarns that make it happen without gratuitous foul language and explicit sex scenes. So I probly won’t listen to the next season unless those elements are left out. I remember hearing AK describe writing without expletives and then putting them in. Really, don’t you think a good writer doesn’t need expletives to make a story suspenseful or add depth? I believe AK is a good writer and can make this work. The creativity was refreshing to me, as I thought I heard some parallels with some political concepts and I even glimpsed GS as the “spooky dude”, as Glenn Beck calls him.
So 1 star for a great Klavan yarn, 1 star for Michael’s (mostly) excellent narrating/acting (although the rat voice really got on my nerves), and 1 star for bringing in some political and faith (wasn’t there kind of a savior figure?) undertones. I hope you can leave out the F’s and sex cause I’m anxious to hear where it goes next. (PS I almost took off a star for the tear-jerker finale, I hate sad endings, you hear that, Klavan? Good. Thanks!)


in iTunes by Lisamiga from Canada on June 3, 2018
For another season of Another Kingdom. Love it


in iTunes by Callog from USA on May 23, 2018
Beautifully written and well spoken. Klavan’s writing is not only different than everything else he has done but brings a fantastic story that is conservative at its core.

I am waiting for season 2 with baited breath.

5 Stars is Insufficient

in iTunes by Locksley of Nottingham from USA on May 20, 2018
Not being into the fantasy genre (and having never listened to a literary podcast), I started listening only because I enjoy the Andrew Klavan Show and frequently listen to the execrable Micheal “Maude” Knowles’ show. Having heard enough mailbag commentary on how great “Another Kingdom” is, I thought, “What the heck—let’s get another perspective on these two guys.” WOW! Incredible. What a journey this story takes! I downloaded every episode and if I didn’t have a family, job, House, etc. (in short, a life), I would have binge-watched (binge-listened?) the entire first season! Simply a phenomenal ride. Cannot wait for season two!


in iTunes by tphammett from USA on May 13, 2018
I have so enjoyed this podcast – excellent plot and also excellent voice acting by Michael Knowles. I got to episode 13 and had a Noooooooo!!!!!!! moment. I am eagerly awaiting the continuation of this podcast from Andrew Klaven. I am also a subscriber to Daily Wire, and enjoy all the shows there as well. You guys make the news reputable once again.

Great Story

in iTunes by Bri2A1313 from USA on April 6, 2018
Love it and can’t wait for next season.


in iTunes by Lucasdelevy from Japan on March 20, 2018
Klavan’s writing is humorous, poetic and deep, while Knowles’ narration is pure gold. Great team!

Remarkable story of two worlds

in iTunes by spjk from USA on March 19, 2018
Michel Knowles brings Andrew Klavan’s imaginative story to life with many excellent characterizations. This is a nice twist on the genre of stories that mix magical worlds with the real one, with admirable and weird characters in each one. We all can imagine wonderful and terrible men and women, but it takes a special touch to do a sarcastic rat with a woman’s face or a poop monster or a kitten-faced androgynous assassin. Don’t worry, there’ll be a Season 2; there’d better be, or there’ll be hell to pay.

Absolutely Amazing!!!

in iTunes by Freddy.004 from USA on March 16, 2018
Fantastic storyline by the wonderful Andrew Klavan. Wonderful Performance by the fantastic Michael Knowles. I am so excited for season 2 and for whatever else is put into motion because of this. Mr. Klavan, thank you for your story. 🙂

A Fantasy Suspense Thriller

in iTunes by Pae Z from USA on March 16, 2018
Andrew Klavan is largely a crime writer, with excellent detective novels and other stories of similar genre, but in Another Kingdom, he brings these chops to a fantasy world. The beauty of Another Kingdom is that it gives you both worlds, the Los Angeles noir-esque suspense at which Klavan excels, as well as the knights and ogres fantasy world that is so imaginative. Although Klavan is not typically a fantasy writer, at least not in the vein of Arthurian legends or LOTR lore, his treatment of such a world is as seamless as the way Austin Lively transitions between “kingdoms.” Whether you’re a fan of suspense novels or fantasy pieces, this will add another dimension to the genre.

Such a great story!

in iTunes by jononz34 from New Zealand on March 13, 2018
So good!!!

Definately The Best Fiction Podcast Out There

in iTunes by Franko10wow from USA on March 12, 2018
I always enjoyed Andrew’s writting but I wasn’t to sure about the fantasy genre. Andrew’s talent apparantly works in any form he tries. Michael Knowles does a fanatastic job narrating & voicing the characters.

Good job Andrew & Michael may God bless you & your endeavors!

Great and Refreshingly Bizarre

in iTunes by Fhfdgjrtgjiytd from USA on March 2, 2018
This series is fun. It’s got this kind of hating rhythm that makes you feel almost as confused as the protagonist does at first, but then you get to see this delightful transformation occur. This sort of glum guy with no purpose and no reason to even consider if he has beliefs, morals, or convictions kinda falls into this other world in which he must decide if he wants to try to do the right thing, despite his ineptitude, or let the bad stuff happen.

Just started the third episode. Excellent story!

in Stitcher by Uber_Doc from USA on March 1, 2018
Andrew Klavan’s writing never fails to impress me, and King of Trolls Michael Knowles does an excellent job with the voice acting in this series. Great work!

I like it.

in iTunes by kaithedeadguy from USA on February 25, 2018
This is so good, even that hack Knowles couldn’t screw it up. 😉

Wonderful Story and show.

in Stitcher by PJJP from USA on February 25, 2018
It is a great fantasy story I would love to hear more!!!!! A tv show or movie would be awesome. A book version would be awesome.

This podcast is a home run

in iTunes by Freedomstar12345 from USA on February 23, 2018
It starts out a little slow but it really picks up after episode 4. Really creepy sometimes. Really graphic too even though it’s an audio podcast. Andrew Klavan is a brilliant writer & that is reflected here too!

I want to read more from Andrew Klavan!

in iTunes by ryanjoseph87 from USA on February 23, 2018
This story is my first exposure to Andrew Klavan’s writing, and now I want to read more of his stuff! Oh yeah, and Michael Knowles’ narration isn’t half bad. 😆 Really good stuff. Hope to hear more!

You sadist

in iTunes by JoeBillClarke from USA on February 22, 2018
How can you only release 13 episodes!?!

Fun and Witty

in iTunes by Bobbyquarrier from USA on February 22, 2018
A great story which manages to be both profound and not take itself too seriously. One of my favorite audio dramas.

Michael finally being useful.

in iTunes by Mickeysixx96 from USA on February 22, 2018

An interesting take on the fantasy genre.

in iTunes by Fugett87 from USA on February 20, 2018
I love listening to the Andrew Klavan Podcast and when he started to talk about this I thought I’d give it a shot. It took me a couple episodes to really be taken in, but after that I was hooked. I think this is a very different take on the fantasy genre. It’s sort of a blend of a modern thriller/detective story with fantasy thrown in. Klavan does a good job building a fantasy world, his blending back and forth between our own world and the world of Another Kingdom keeps the listener on their feet as much as his main character Austin Lively. He has fleshed out his fantasy tale with great creatures, villains, and even some magic. None of it feels to contrived or falls into tropes or stereotypes. All in All, Another Kingdom is a great story and well worth your time.

Amazing Story

in iTunes by Nathaniel Polley from USA on February 19, 2018
I was reluctant to listen, as the opening chapter failed to seriously interest me, but after reaching the end of chapter two, I couldn’t stop. Absolutely enthralling.

Love it

in iTunes by ENDSCHO123 from USA on February 19, 2018
This is a great way to relax during my day 🙂 great writing, full of twists and turns


in iTunes by Steve Solitaire from USA on February 19, 2018
Best story since Chronicles! When is the next installment?

Writer from By-Gone Era

in iTunes by Sethrojello from USA on February 19, 2018
Overall the plot of enough to keep you interested. The author does well although his descriptions and writing style feel outdated, especially, in regards to woman who are scene as weak dolls pining for men. One man in particular who is supposed to be a self loathing outcast who for some reason everyone wants to be with. All the characters seem to be undeveloped with backstories that don’t make too much sense. The mystical land that the main character is flung into seems to be something eerily akin to the Dark Crystal. All in all nothing new just retweeked and worked stories that aren’t written as well as the originals. This story has the potential to be great but it’s too many genres mashed into one. Quality of quantity. Sad to say this fell short of the mark.

Surprising and enjoyable!

in iTunes by singlemalt1 from Canada on February 18, 2018
Wow, this must be what it felt like before the dawn on television, listening to stories on the radio! How enjoyable!!!
Michael Knowles has tremendous talent, his narration as the lead character is flawless. If the podcast “thang” and his authorship of best-seller boks doesn’t work out, he could most certainly be a narrator for almost anything, I suspect), the excellent story written by Andrew Klavan, starts out slow but addicts one very early. Been through twp episodes now, I am enjoying it as much as I enjoy my fiction novels which I consume almost daily!

A Fun Time

in iTunes by banemarshall from USA on February 18, 2018
This series is a lot of fun. Knowles is great and should have more exposure. Sorry Ben I know you want him to have less.😜

I’m hooked!!

in iTunes by lvanomme from USA on February 17, 2018
After hearing the first episode, I thought it was just a re-tread of an earlier Klavan YA novel, but I hung on for the next hour’s episode. And I haven’t stopped since! Michael Knowles’ narration is superb, and the story line is a real gripping yarn. I’m not certain what fictional category to place this story in, but it’s a wonderful combination of suspense and fantasy, weaving the main character back and forth from the present to another world. The language is so descriptive, that the mind can visualize each scene as if watching a movie, which I understand is what Mr Klavan is hoping to happen. Absolutely loved it!

Great work

in iTunes by Elwicho Capricho from USA on February 15, 2018
Unlike most people, I wasn’t immediately gripped by the first episode. Maybe a little too much Michael Knowles being channeled through. My advice: Have patience and carry on. By the second episode Knowles becomes more Lively (yes, pun intended). This is great work. Klavan can write, and the narrative very quickly becomes fantastic (literally) and fascinating. It takes tones of film noir mixed with old fantasy, and it turns enthralling. I didn’t want the podcast this podcast to end.


in iTunes by Michelle Notobama from USA on February 13, 2018
Captures the listener and draws them in. I’m dying to know what happens next season!

Stick With It

in iTunes by ReganJill from USA on February 13, 2018
Austin is annoying at first, but he comes into his own. (I guess that’s the point.) The story speaks realistically and glowingly of women, which I appreciate. I look forward to season two! The only changes I suggest are cut the foul language (at least all the f bombs) and have a woman read the women voices.

Amazing story!

in iTunes by Fb friend #1 from USA on February 13, 2018
I’ve listened to the whole first season and this story is truly spectacular. Andrew Klavan’s writing and description is impeccable and Michael Knowles’ acting makes the story come to life. I was hooked from the first episode. Can’t wait til season 2 comes out!

Bravo to Andrew and (I guess) to Michael

in iTunes by BigBen95 from USA on February 12, 2018
I admit that I only listened to the first episode and didn’t touch it again for over 3 months. But I’m glad I recently took in the remaining 12. This is a great story, for young guys especially, but I think girls might like it too, if they aren’t put off by phrases like “filling the womb with the next generation” and the like. But as visceral as this phrase was, it reflects how this story tells the truth about what might go through a healthy young man’s mind. And obviously more should go through it as well: thoughts of provision and care and love, for example. But this one phrase reflects what I know the author believes, that the truth is the best way to go, and “the truth will set you free.” I look forward to the next installment. Let wisdom reign.

Awesome Brain Candy

in iTunes by DrJaaaaaaay from USA on February 11, 2018
Love this series – was a pleasure to listen to on my long drive home from Christmas. Want to hear more and maybe see movies or tv shows.

A great serial

in iTunes by nofamelost from USA on February 10, 2018
This reminds me of Saturday night serials growing up. Michael’s voice acting is a great mix of the dispassionate narrator and rich character voices that matches Andrew’s writing.
Overall, it has successfully recaptured the imagination of childhood set in an adult world.

Feels like TV

in iTunes by Derekayaaa from USA on February 10, 2018
Klavan is so descriptive in Another Kingdom I feel I can identify Austin Lively and the other characters if I bump into them. Maybe it’s Michael Knowles voice & expressions who knows?
Whatever the case, I love the storyline, the switch between Hollywood & Galiana and the general progression.
Highly recommended.

Andrew Klavan’t Antoher Kingdom

in iTunes by woody2307 from USA on February 10, 2018
Another example of Drew’s story telling ability. Great story!

Cannot recommend enough

in iTunes by Xam Seventon from USA on February 9, 2018
I’ve never felt so much emotion from an audiobook. Each time I listen to it, my mind overloads with imagination and inspiration

I LOVE this audiobook!

in iTunes by Matty_Federer from Canada on February 8, 2018
It’s a really unique and fascinating story. I’m not usually into fantasy novels, but this one really hooked me in! I think it’s combination of many different elements makes it so intriguing. The writing is so vivid, and the performance by Knowles is really enjoyable! Can’t wait for Season 2!


in iTunes by bruotsy from USA on February 7, 2018
Love hearing creative fiction without the everpresent leftist political bent. Riveting.

Unique and engaging

in iTunes by RH3458 from USA on February 7, 2018
A creative, engaging story; smartly-written and well narrated and mixed. I’m to episode 10 so far and the momentum of the story is building like a freight train.

Would make a great film\series!

I didn’t think it would keep my attention, but I am riveted!

in iTunes by JenK13 from USA on February 7, 2018
I hesitated to start listening to this podcast series even though I was intrigued, because I have trouble paying attention to audiobooks and the like. I have to say though, I have been riveted to the episodes and very eager to see what happens next!
I have loved Andrew Klavan’s young adult fiction, such as The Last Thing I Remember and the Mindwar Trilogy (I am a middle school teacher), and this story has some elements that remind me of those, along with some raw language and mature situations–so not really for younger teens.
If I had one criticism, it would be that I think the story dwells on excrement a bit too much, but overall I am loving it and can’t wait to finish the story (I am on episode 8 right now).

Simply Amazing

in iTunes by Sifath C. from USA on February 6, 2018
Legend has it that Another Kingdom was so great, it made Jimmy Kimmel finally stop crying

Fast and well written.

in iTunes by GaBiggunn from USA on February 6, 2018
This is a fast paced story that keeps moving without leaving you behind. Each episode leaves you ready for the next one.

What a Blast!

in iTunes by HotCheeze from USA on February 6, 2018
Film noir/swords-n-sorcery/Fun!
I am totally addicted to this podcast. Thanks Andrew!


in iTunes by Gta disappointing from UK on February 6, 2018
Very funny and enthralling throughout.

Riveting…And I am not a fiction reader.

in Stitcher by Martha Kladitis from USA on February 5, 2018
I am surprisingly impressed. I don’t like the vulgar language or the use of Christ’s name like a slur, I will never like that. Having said that, I understand the intensity of the language, due to the scenarios our protagonist is placed in.

Slow start, but very good story

in iTunes by whoiswhatnow from USA on February 5, 2018
Thought the first chapter was a bit with most of the characters introduced in the very beginning almost lost my care, but knowing how Mr Klavan writes I know I had to push through it to the end, and Im glad I did! Great series so far, and if they don’t give you enough to do the next part let us know, and we’ll donate for it! I want the end!

So good

in iTunes by CMD100 from USA on February 4, 2018
I enjoyed this story so much! Couldn’t wait until Friday for the new episodes to drop. The story flows so well that each episode goes by so quickly. Hope it comes back for season 2!


in iTunes by UItaly from USA on February 4, 2018
Good story, phenomenal writing, ranges from scary to laugh out loud funny. Pretty political but given whose writing and narrating that’s a given.


in iTunes by Oldmanseamus32 from Canada on February 3, 2018
Andrew is a genius.

A wonderful fantasy passing through two worlds

in iTunes by Cyber Dew from USA on February 3, 2018
Another Kingdom is the story of a man in search of himself, who is looking for talisman, a magic book, missing woman, and his own mind, as he travels through two worlds: the mysterious inscrutable world of modern Los Angeles and the less understandable world of the magical kingdom of Galliano. When we first meet him he is a weak man who doesn’t understand himself, who is looking for meaning in the surface oriented world of Los Angeles. Afraid to tell the only woman he loves that he loves her, afraid to leave an unfulfilling job, he suddenly find himself transported into a magical world where he’s in a locked room holding a bloody dagger with a dead woman in front of him. Who is the culprit? And why is he there? This story will take you through the answers at a breakneck pace, leaving you asking for more at each episode. It is filled with magical creatures and a magical realm. By the end of the story the man is beginning to discover himself and discover his future. But there is still a bunch more to come and I look forward to the next season!

Love it!!

in iTunes by Scool12 from USA on February 2, 2018
Great fun and entertaining story!


in iTunes by deafwrites from USA on February 2, 2018
Amazing fantasy and produced excellently.

Great show, couldn’t stop listening

in iTunes by Broke312 from USA on February 2, 2018
As a regular listener to the Klavan (no “E”) and Knowles (papist though he is. Calvin rules) podcasts, I had heard them shill for Another Kingdom for a few months. I finally took the plunge and I’m glad I did. Binged this in 5 days and couldn’t believe how hooked I got. Really hoping for a second season. Grinned ear to ear when Sera fell off that walkway.


in iTunes by Re’amp from USA on February 2, 2018
It’s that bald guy that said Trump was called forth by the culture to save us, he wrote a fantasy story about about living in hollywood, so he could stick it to the elites and pitch it to a television producer.

Love it

in Stitcher by michi777 from USA on February 2, 2018
Binge listening now. It’s great. I love Klavan, so I’m glad to finally hear some of his work.

Bingeworth Listening

in iTunes by Shebalynnx from USA on February 2, 2018
What a brilliant idea releasing a book as a podcast.
A very compelling tale that leaves one anticipating the next week’s episode.
I loved this story and will listen again before the next season.
Great job Andrew & Michael.


in iTunes by from USA on February 1, 2018
Love it!

Captivating storyline!

in iTunes by allieJarsenault from USA on February 1, 2018
I love Another Kingdom! I binged the whole first season, and I was drawn in immediately. I couldn’t stop listening and wondering what was going to happen next and what was the connection between these two worlds? I highly recommend to anyone who enjoyed mysteries, thrillers or fantasy stories – this is all three wrapped into one. Already thinking about season 2… I need more!

A great story

in iTunes by Sh2annen from Australia on January 31, 2018
Hurry up with season 2! I’m dying here

Disappointed it’s over

in iTunes by nick619 from USA on January 31, 2018
I honestly started listening to this because I just figured it would be a nice way to to support Klavan. I really did not expect to enjoy this as much as I did. It blew me away with how relatable the characters are. The many plots twist had me binge listening this all week (ate lunch alone for the first time in a year at work to listen). I’m a little salty that I have to wait until the fall to resume listening, and Knowles killed it with the voices! Strongly recommend

Awesome Story

in iTunes by Ben Crocker from USA on January 30, 2018
Politics will be downstream from this.

Great Listening

in iTunes by muzikgeye from USA on January 30, 2018
I do not normally listen to audio books. I’d rather read an actual book (when I have the time). But Andrew Klaven’s story is intriguing and fascinating. I look forward to new episodes. The visual images are obviously strong and of course this story begs a movie treatment. Thanks for a very strong story.

Really fun free audiobook

in iTunes by Bobby K77 from USA on January 30, 2018
I enjoyed this story a lot. I binged listened to all the episodes which is the best compliment I can give. The story has an ending but there will be a second “book” which I look forward to.

Very entertaining

in iTunes by Random guy on his phone from USA on January 29, 2018
Hope it gets made into a movie.


in Stitcher by joesmith2010 from USA on January 29, 2018
Could not wait for the next episode to come out every week. I need another season.

Top Shelf!

in iTunes by DaveDuhlinny from USA on January 28, 2018
This is a really cool format for telling stories and has inspired me to start experimenting with podcasts of my own. Can’t wait for Season 2!


in iTunes by Swanderman from USA on January 28, 2018
I absolutely hate the end of every episode, because I have to wait another week to hear what happens next! Now, I have to wait for season two??? It was awfully nice of Andrew to write such a great story for Michael Knowles since Knowles can’t write a single word. At least Knowles can read. Wonderful story and production! I love it!

Great story

in iTunes by Taylor(tot) from USA on January 27, 2018
This isn’t a genre I would normally pick but I was sucked in by the first episode. I’ve recommended it to my family and friends as well.

Loved it

in iTunes by L1LB1GB0Y from USA on January 27, 2018
I cant wait to hear more.


in iTunes by Dude asuh? from USA on January 27, 2018
What a fun ride season one was. Can’t wait for season two in the fall. And I thoroughly enjoyed the story, but now I am just a little fearful of when I walk through doors 🙂

Love it.

in Stitcher by RuanRSA from USA on January 27, 2018
A great story well written. Klavan is refreshing!!

Worth the binge!

in iTunes by effenelle from Canada on January 27, 2018
This story is full of fascinating twists and turns! Highly recommend!


in iTunes by mackelprangb from USA on January 26, 2018
I’ve waited until I listened to the entire first part of Another Kingdom to rate just to see that you wouldn’t disappoint.. You did.. But I loved the show! 😂


in iTunes by Whimpydude from USA on January 26, 2018
Not my genre of stories but I was addicted after 2 episodes.

Old Radio

in Stitcher by H2oDog from USA on January 26, 2018
How refreshing to listen to a murder mystery while on my long driving trips.

Knowles’ vocal talents enhance Klavans vision

in iTunes by Halo Thane from UK on January 26, 2018
How many authors who appear to reach heights of exposition in their prose turn out to be empty vessels in their meat suits? Not Drew Klavan, who finds the necessary reserves to regale Americans from his high and mighty position athwart the Daily Wire with the fruits of his unfailing wit, humour and generosity of spirit, whilst simultaneously turning out novels and screenplays that occasionally get turned into major feature films. It’s such generosity, or possibly a kind of misplaced fatherliness that has impelled him to take under his wing the notoriously late sleeping millennial Knowles, heretofore known mostly for his compendious political work “Reasons to vote for democrats”. As it happens the collaboration seems to work pretty well; knowles’ verbal dexterity and intensity burnishing the pace and emphasising the moral undercurrents of the story. Sounds like they had fun making it too.

Missing Another Kingdom Friday Fix!

in iTunes by Sonnygirl4 from USA on January 26, 2018
It felt sad and wrong today when I got in my car to drive to work and there was no new Another Kingdom. A true Klavanless weekend. Hurry with the next season even if we need a kickstarter campaign to fund it!

Fantastically Creative and Entertaining

in iTunes by SpicyRichter from Canada on January 26, 2018
A great fusion of crime drama and fantasy; Klavan does a wonderful job of making even the fantasy elements seem grounded in reality. It’s an entertaining joyride and I can’t wait until season 2.

Smart and Entertaining

in iTunes by Karmsmom21 from USA on January 26, 2018
I binge listened to this to and from a long drive from NorCal to Phoenix. It was a great escape. Only regret is I can only image Austin Lively as Micheal. Lol! Cant wait til next season.

Great Story unlike anything I have heard.

in iTunes by Pditty911 from USA on January 26, 2018
Great writting. If you like Lord of the Rings but wished bilbo flashed in and out of modern day LA this is the story for you. Lots of great twists and plenty of “I didn’t see that coming” moments. You won’t regret giving this a try. Some of the profane language is simply not necessary and doesn’t add to the story some of it fits. Thats my only mild rub. I hope it gets picked up for a Netflix series.


in iTunes by Busardloser from USA on January 25, 2018
Please make a movie!!!!!


in iTunes by Nathan of Monument from USA on January 25, 2018
Exciting plot, well seasoned with character and detail; I am very much looking forward to season 2!

Captivating story

in iTunes by Racer D from USA on January 25, 2018
Andrew Klavan has assembled an interesting, imaginative, and captivating story about a failed Hollywood writer that stumbles in to a murder case… and he’s the prime suspect! The journey takes us back and forth between LA and the mystical land of Galiana. Michael Knowles performs the story well, capturing the protagonist’s astonishment and peril as he navigates himself from one tense situation to another. I’m not usually in to the whole mystical fantasy genre… but this story has me hooked! Can’t wait for more episodes!

Reality in fantasy

in iTunes by TheOneTrueRuckus from USA on January 25, 2018
Andrew Klavan has created two kingdoms filled with rich and knowable characters. He writes a hero that you love to root for, villains that you love to hate, and women you would love to fall for. You get so invested in one storyline when ZAP! you get transported into another and then ZAP! back again as they slowly start to blend together, working in tandem, to solve a singular and wonderful mystery.
The transsexual kitten faced killer is my favorite character. He is wickedly cold and cruel, oozing with faux femininity and devilish charm. How refreshing!

Very Addicting

in iTunes by Jake1111111111 from USA on January 25, 2018
I can’t believe how quickly this story pulled me in. I’m on episode 4 and can’t stop. My only fear is not knowing what to do with myself when I reach the end of what’s available and have to wait for the upcoming episodes.

Gripping and Creative

in iTunes by Tennesse boy from USA on January 25, 2018
Klavan writes great thrillers, and they have meaning behind themmuch more than your typical thriller like Jack Reacher. Great job!! We’re not worthy!

Great podcast

in iTunes by Brawldog from USA on January 25, 2018
The only character Knowles is qualified to voice is that of the troll in the jail!

Great Story!

in Stitcher by EricaGrant from USA on January 24, 2018
This was exactly the kind of show I was looking for, my husband and I love listening to this together. Riveting story that really pulls you into the intricate world Andrew Klavan has created and great voice work by Michael Knowles. I only wish there were more episodes!!

Awesome Story

in iTunes by Tanner Ray from USA on January 24, 2018
The story is compelling and interesting.


in iTunes by Snicker-Doodle from USA on January 24, 2018
Andrew Klavan the Magnificent, Spinner of Tales & Wizard of Wordology has written an excellent story! The naration by Michael Knowlse is just as riveting as his book, Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide. I can barely wait for Knowles to narate the audio version of the book as well!

The best story out there!

in iTunes by crazyaboutklavan from Czech Republic on January 24, 2018
Love it! Need more!

Really great stuff here

in iTunes by Anonim12TK from Czech Republic on January 24, 2018
Cant stop listening, great story from Andrew Klavan. Michael’s voice is perfect for the part. Looking forward to season 2.

A must experience! Amazing storytelling.

in iTunes by almp15 from USA on January 24, 2018
The words selected and the tone of the narrative gives the listener a vivid imagery it’s as if you are really there. I was hooked at the beginning and just had to get to the next episode as soon as I possibly could. I highly recommend this story.

Awesome story

in iTunes by John and Jaki Payne from USA on January 24, 2018
Absolutely loved this podcast and I’m looking forward to the follow-on!

Great Story

in iTunes by mvpompa from USA on January 24, 2018
Andrew’s story and Knowles’ performance made for a great listening experience. A great classic tale of heroism & self discovery. Love it and I’m hoping for a season 2!

Well done!

in Stitcher by G Buz from USA on January 24, 2018
Enjoyed every minute. Thanks for the great effort of Klavan, Knowles, and the team.


in iTunes by PsyKW1128 from USA on January 24, 2018
I’m a fan of both Klavan’s & Knowles’ shows, but I waited to rate this show until I could give it a fair hearing. I never want to endorse something just because I like the people who made it.
By the 3rd episode, I was so engrossed in the story that I couldn’t wait for the next episode to come out. This is an incredible story entwining realistic action fiction & fantasy in a smart, seamless story you just have to follow to the end. Klavan’s writing draws you in, the sound team brings the story to life, & Knowles’ narration is superb.
You guys have to do season two! I don’t know what I’ll do without Galeana until fall… It’s worse than a Klavanless weekend. How will we survive?

Really enjoyed

in iTunes by @cyboman from USA on January 23, 2018
I’ve enjoyed every episode of Another Kingdom. I listen to a good number of podcasts, but each Friday morning, I’d start Another Kingdom before any other. Excited about season 2.


in iTunes by Blairp21 from USA on January 23, 2018
I’m almost through the entire first season and it blows my mind. I’m always amazed when authors can come up with storylines like this. Great job Andrew! I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I can’t wait for season 2. There better be a season 2. Also, Michael Knowles does a bang up job too.

Great for Bingeing

in iTunes by Coconut Wireless from USA on January 23, 2018
Waited for all the episodes to come out. Listened to the first episode and was hooked. Didn’t listen to any other podcasts until I finished all the episodes. Loved the switch backs between the fantasy and reality. looking forward to Season II.

Great series now the wait till season 2

in iTunes by PPPPaul. from Australia on January 23, 2018
Always been a fan of Mr Klavan and his work and Another Kingdom was no different. That Knowles guy didn’t do so bad playing his part either.

Season two get here now!

in iTunes by Ir1sh Jedi from USA on January 22, 2018
Binge listened to this and wow what a great story to hear. Cannot wait to see where the story goes! Well done by Klavan and Knowles!

A first

in iTunes by Xenosarat from USA on January 22, 2018
This is the first audio book I have listened to and nearly screamed when I got to the end…. hooked with a TBC ending. I will be anxiously awaiting season 2 & 3. If someone can turn this into a TV show/movie and remain true to the story, it will be a hit.

An Excellent Story

in iTunes by TheRivEffect from USA on January 22, 2018
Both Andrew Klavan’s writing and Michael Knowles’ performance make this podcast shine. I waited for all of the episodes to release before listening so I could binge and binge I did. I started and finished it on the same day. I’ve only ever did that for another audio book. At first I thought the dual aspect of the world would get on my nerves but both settings were very intriguing and the story as a whole left me wanting for more.

Good show, but kind of depressing.

in iTunes by EtzEchad from USA on January 22, 2018
I’d like to give it five stars because I really like Andrew Klavan and Michael Knowles but I can’t for two reasons: 1) the show is really depressing (not necessarily a bad thing, but it makes it less fun to listen to) and 2) nothing is really resolved. The season ends right in the middle of the action.

Captivating Story

in iTunes by Littlepierce93 from USA on January 22, 2018
I am a big fan of Andrew Klavan and Michael Knowles. Very interesting story. I have been waiting every week to listen to it. I hope the next season comes soon!

Great story

in iTunes by Mad_Larkin from USA on January 22, 2018
I was skeptical when I first heard Andrew talking about this on his show. I typically stick to political podcasts, but just last Friday I gave it a try and ended up listening to the whole thing over the weekend and am now left wishing there was more. Great work!


in iTunes by Monkeyfeedstherobot from USA on January 21, 2018
Great story! Love it. But knowles…you sound like the Monty Pythons with your falsetto “female” impressions.

Ah ha!

in iTunes by Blair Erwin from USA on January 21, 2018
Great season finale. It’s becoming clear who the players are as we receive glimpses of the parallels between the “kingdoms”.
Until next episode, may we each ” go our way”.

Great show if….

in iTunes by rogutore from USA on January 21, 2018
if you like fantasy,
if you like mystery,
if you like audio stories,
and can bare the voice this narrator…this is a GREAT show and can’t recommend enough to you!

Superbly gripping thriller

in iTunes by jazkilmister from UK on January 21, 2018
A genuine page turner – couldn’t wait for each new podcast. Intrigue, murder, swords and sorcery performed by the king of Trolls himself. Want to see it on screen now!

A Gem of a Tale

in iTunes by Kinscat from USA on January 21, 2018
With the genius of Klavan’s writing even Knowles sounds interesting and brilliant. Seriously, this is a well executed and engaging story that draws you in immediately. I would expect no less from these two.
Continuing to love this tale. Perfectly suited for the big screen. Knowles could play the role of “Kitten Face”.
Klavan you rat! Left me begging for more. Well played, well played sir.

Another Kingdom has me gripped in its spell!

in iTunes by Lildeb from USA on January 21, 2018
Great storytelling and exceptionally performed. Can’t wait for Season 2 to continue the tale!

I love it

in iTunes by Nareus from USA on January 20, 2018
Fast paced, mysterious, and well acted. If this doesn’t get made into a TV show, I’ll be extremely dissapointed.

Great story telling! Loved it!!

in iTunes by Rome1111 from USA on January 20, 2018
Great story telling! Loved it!!

Great Story Great Format

in iTunes by kaigun from USA on January 20, 2018
I’m a regular listener to Klavan’s podcast but I have never read any of his fiction. This story has me hooked though, and I really enjoy the weekly serial format. There were no dissapointments the entire first season and I’m really looking forward to continuing the story in the fall.

Great first season!

in iTunes by lolloco from USA on January 20, 2018
I wanted to listen to an entire season before I wrote a review, and this series is great! Fantastic plot and twists. Good moral and you can see the purpose of the story; a commentary of today’s politics and people who say socialism is the proper way without thinking through the moral dilemmas and the end result. Very thought provoking and fun!

Disappointed it’s ‘over’

in iTunes by The pickled conservative from USA on January 20, 2018
I was rapt with the twists and turns of this story. I was a bit upset that there was not a conclusive ending, but I understand that Klavan (and Knowles) were trying to keep it open for a 2nd season. There has to be more for Austin Lively to do for that to happen.

Great narrative podcast

in iTunes by Mr. Bagodonuts from USA on January 20, 2018
Cool podcast with excellent voice talent (Michael Knowles) and writing (Andrew Klavan). Great combination of sword & sorcery fantasy and hard boiled detective fiction.


in iTunes by dabatman99 from USA on January 20, 2018
After listening to each episode as it came out, I found myself binge listening to the whole season again. The last episode alone I have listened to multiple times. This is the only podcast I have ever done that with. Phenomenal work!

Renewed skill

in iTunes by msmary58 from USA on January 20, 2018
i had to restart listening because i seem to have lost the ability to listen to “radio” stories. i am only 60 so i didn’t regularly listen to stories on the radio but in my early 20’s i came across radio mysteries while driving home one night… i was hooked, the creaking doors, the dramatic screams….
when i first started Another Kingdon i was just to fidgety to sit still… i recently tried again and i am again hooked <3 and a NEW story, not a rehash

So much creativity

in iTunes by Shotgunbrooks from USA on January 19, 2018
The world needs more art like this.

Thanks for a great first season.

in iTunes by Alexandarr from USA on January 19, 2018
I love GoT, and have read fantasy novels since I was a kid. This story has a lot of potential because it exists in two worlds, I really liked it.

Just finished this and it’s wonderful!

in iTunes by Celiaeborges from USA on January 19, 2018
I enjoyed every episode and already look forward to another season! Thanks for such an interesting and non-politically correct show!

big surprise

in iTunes by triumph luvr from USA on January 19, 2018
after constant pushing on his podcast, I missed Andrew Klavan over the Xmas break and bent to his will and listed to all ten episodes – I should not like this, it is everything I don’t like, especially fairies and millenials and millenial fairies – but I LIKED IT – good acting, good writing – really recommend!! UPDATE : listened to the end – really loved it! Let’s go Season 2!!!

a terrific story by a gifted teller of tales. Knowles does ok too…

in iTunes by gnarlydad from USA on January 19, 2018
If you like pulse pounding action, memorable characters, magic and whimsey and gut wrenching drama, this is it.

Adult in a child’s world

in iTunes by Mellow Yellow Shirt from USA on January 19, 2018
I remember when I used to live in my imagination, when I had to fight with a sword to defeat my foes and save the land. I used to spend my summers killing monsters a knight in the daytime, then drawing my imaginary adventures after dusk.
Listening to Another Kingdom allows me to brave a crime mystery in the current world and the harrowing fairytale of a fantasy land.
I love Another Kingdom and look forward to season 2!

Awesome awesome awesome!!

in iTunes by Gruhlke from USA on January 19, 2018
I need more! I haven’t been this engaged in a story since I read the hobbit/lord of the rings!

So great!

in iTunes by Bazubu from USA on January 19, 2018

The cure to the Klavan-less weekend

in iTunes by K. Moore. from USA on January 19, 2018
Bravo to you both- as in I even enjoy Michael’s work in this one! Haha this is very well done and incredibly captivating. I have had actual tears in my eyes at times and gasped out loud at others. Thank you for working so hard to bring us this project! I am impatiently awaiting the next season!

Great, fun, and (unbelievably) free!

in iTunes by dallinjc from USA on January 19, 2018
Engaging and fun. I hope the second season comes soon! Go your way!

Awesome story! Incredibly well written!

in iTunes by HunterofRAL from USA on January 19, 2018
Had me on the edge of my seat for the whole series! Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Fun listen!

in iTunes by Chops Fisher from USA on January 19, 2018
Really enjoying Another Kingdom. Compelling story and well read / performed also. Looking forward to more episodes and chapters.

Love it

in iTunes by i should read more from USA on January 19, 2018
Can’t wait for season two

Very good

in iTunes by CanadianConservative from Canada on January 19, 2018
I always love waking up on Friday and listening to Another Kingdom. Great show.

Thank God the Klavanless Weekend has been shortened!

in iTunes by Smit2010 from USA on January 19, 2018
First, I’ve got to say my weekends have greatly improved since they aren’t so Klavanless. Also, All Hail the King of the Troll, Michael Knowles.
Just finished season one, and this is the most interesting gripping podcast I’ve listened to (and I listen to several). I’m really like ok’ing forward to season two!

Great story!

in iTunes by Boomer Beth from USA on January 19, 2018
What a gripping tale this has been. It would make an excellent TV series.

Interesting and Entertaining

in iTunes by ISeenIt from USA on January 19, 2018
Really a good “read”. Keeps you entertained.

Excellent storyline

in iTunes by Fredoh86 from USA on January 19, 2018
I heard Shapiro give this a shout out on his show a couple months back, and just decided to give it a try. Took me about 2 episodes to really get into it, but then I was HOOKED. Binge listened to all 13 episodes in 4 days. Season 2, please!!!

Awesome, original story

in iTunes by mjgrazi from USA on January 18, 2018
Through the first episode, I was unsure if I’d stick with it. I did, and it was well worth the commitment.

An entertaining listen

in iTunes by astrobridge from USA on January 18, 2018
A fun story and a good yelling. Easy to get sucked into the world’s of the main character.

Like reading….. only easier!!

in iTunes by Hfcytcyrxtex from USA on January 18, 2018
Great story, Knowles is …. acceptable🤓 ( just kidding, he’s great) ready for season two!

Kept me interested!

in iTunes by Ciararosy from USA on January 18, 2018
Last episode! I’ve listened to the whole story so far. Excited for the end. Keep it coming klavan!


in iTunes by Susurrado from USA on January 18, 2018
Good luck waiting for the next episode. You’ll just want to keep going. A page turner with no real pages. Well done.


in iTunes by Ryan M. Brandon from USA on January 17, 2018
I loved this. Knowles can actually act, and the writing flows perfectly…Klavan did a fantastic job.

Echoes of Lewis

in iTunes by C Beyer from USA on January 17, 2018
Great entertainment while doing boring chores around the house! Five stars from this 30-something housewife. 🙂 This story definitely gave me a bit of a C.S. Lewis feel: mostly from That Hideous Strength, both in its basic scope of undead power hungry maniac wanting world domination, and in what it has to say about men and women and their relationships. (Also, Schuyler could be Hardcastle’s tamer cousin.) But I do have some questions about the “sex scenes” (hopefully you read the comments!). I may be reading too much into it, but the Nymph scene struck me as a “baptism.” I am also trying to reconcile the Austin/Beth scene—particularly since she is married. Would love to hear your thoughts on these aspects of the story. Looking forward to the season finale, and to season two! (Please don’t make us wait too long!)

Great story, very well written and performed

in Stitcher by WinnieC from USA on January 17, 2018
I really enjoyed this series. The writing is top notch as well as the acting.


in iTunes by Jeanine Gorman from USA on January 16, 2018
This show is well-paced, addictive, great story! Yes please season 2.

The voice, it’s definitely the voice.

in iTunes by Sandy from philly from USA on January 16, 2018
Such a sweet tone. Soothing to the mind and always forces a smile. The passion behind the vocal bliss allows forgotten memories of childhood happiness to return. No, the sound is not the voice of Knowles. It’s the rat lady’s voice that is the gem of the podcast.
They make a good team, Clayvin (did I spell that correctly) and Knowless. Since Michael’s literary accomplishments are blank, and the bald man can write a decent

The best

in iTunes by Preston12647 from USA on January 16, 2018
Great new story by Andrew and told by Micheal. Please make more!!!!

Holding breath until Friday, Edit: MORE MORE MORE!!

in iTunes by Chessie34 from USA on January 16, 2018
I practically hold my breath every week until Friday so I can listen to the next episode of Another Kingdom. Andrew Klavan’s created a story that I can’t predict the outcome-which is amazing because I can usually surmise the entire plot within the first couple “chapters”. Michael Knowles keeps it incredibly entertaining with his hilarious voices! I truly hope there will be more story collaborations between these two geniuses. This would also be a remarkable movie or mini series!
Edit: After several more episodes, I’ve found I am incredibly impatient as I have to wait until Friday every week just to hear the next part of this story. Mr Klavan, God King of the Universe, please, please, please, more episodes quickly!!

Wonderful story

in iTunes by FtyshadesofJay from USA on January 16, 2018
Ok this story is so compelling I sometimes forget it’s a podcast that it’s only one voice actor. It would be a really good book which I’m hoping it gets a release as one. Audiobook quality for free!

Fantastic Show

in iTunes by Nickleby Morton from USA on January 16, 2018
Don’t usually like non fiction podcasts (unless this is based on a true story that is), but this show is really catchy, and I binge listened the whole show. Please make another season.

Fun to listen

in iTunes by MarkAPete3636 from USA on January 15, 2018
Good production value and great storyline

Another Entertainment Homerun

in iTunes by TheRealHashem from USA on January 15, 2018
Opening a whole new chapter in Podcast entertainment for me…great talk and politics now great story telling….what’s next Sports? Is the daily wire going to put together a flag football team and replace the crappy NFL for me as well? Just make sure Shapiro is at least the 3rd string QB..

Imaginative, Unique, Addictive

in iTunes by liv’n the arts from USA on January 14, 2018
Another Kingdom is an entertaining mash-up of E.G. Marshall’s “Mystery Theatre”, Lord of the Rings, and contemporary crime drama. Klavan and Knowles really deliver in this audio drama. Bravo!

Great, unique story

in iTunes by Broncos1123 from USA on January 13, 2018
This is a really interesting and unique story. The writing is great, and it makes you want to know what happens next. I highly recommend listening to this!


in iTunes by Zac Thames from USA on January 12, 2018
This is a very entertaining story that will keep you guessing. I came in after six episodes had already been put up and it has been the hardest thing to wait for more episodes. Season 2 is a must!

Polished to shine

in iTunes by Monkey luvr from USA on January 12, 2018
This masterful work offers adventure, suspense, romance, comedy, drama, and more in a neat package for adult listeners. Andrew Klavan’s writing is superb and this story’s pacing is just right. Although Michael Knowles’ reading forces my mind to picture Michael Knowles as the lead character, I quickly came to accept him as the L.A. Austin, and eventually as the Galiana Austin, if less so. Bravo.

Masterful Storytelling

in iTunes by Balalumski from USA on January 11, 2018
I have been a fan of Klavan and Knowles, but I had no idea how good this story would be. Love it!

Addictive, it grows better and better as you go

in iTunes by Aloharod from Australia on January 9, 2018
Love it, when is the movie coming?

Good Stuff!

in iTunes by SuperSaiyanC from USA on January 9, 2018
This is really good! It’s raw, creative and real, in an organic sense, without forcing it for the sake of dynamic contrast. This could be the next Princess Bride/Stargate/Cloak and Dagger all rolled into one!


in iTunes by Gglmstr from USA on January 9, 2018
Has anyone else noticed that Serge Orosgo is an anagram of George Soros?

Like listening to the old time radio thrillers

in iTunes by #Holly from USA on January 9, 2018
Like an old thriller from the 40s. Great characters and descriptions.

absolutly amazing

in iTunes by Lggygggygghtg from USA on January 8, 2018
i love to listen to this and get so excited waiting to listen to the next one when it comes out.

Almost Too Good

in iTunes by Jabba da Who? from USA on January 6, 2018
Can’t give this podcast enough praise. The storyline is wildly unique and constantly keeps you on your toes. It’s a breath of fresh air in an entertainment world that is commonly recycling ideas for new products. Major props to Andrew Klavan for creating this work, and Michael Knowles serves the work very well. Excited to listen to the rest!

Really enjoyed it

in iTunes by Thatgamewas good from USA on January 5, 2018
Knowles actually does a good job. I’m binge listening to this podcast like I would a good Netflix tv show.

Another Kingdom

in iTunes by TheMan440 from USA on January 4, 2018
Andrew Klavan has produced an epic winner!


in iTunes by AMJohnson1234566789 from USA on January 4, 2018
I’m officially hooked! I listened to all ten episodes in one week. I don’t like that I have to wait until tomorrow for episode 11 and how long for the ones after that?! I want them all now! Please hurry!!!!

Riveting I tell you!!!!!!

in iTunes by Casuaload from USA on January 3, 2018
This podcast is truly riveting. The combination of Klavan’s writing talent and Knowles incredible talent to get me sucked into the story make for a great experience.

If Andrew Klavan told me to jump off a bridge …

in iTunes by CraigTCJbookeater from USA on December 30, 2017
I totally would but I would expect Michael Knowles to catch me.
Love the show! #fangirl4life


in iTunes by Cessyctr from USA on December 30, 2017
Oh my gosh! I am so hooked on this story. I am almost mad at myself for starting it before all the episodes were out because I cannot stand the wait for the next episode. I love it. Please get the next episode out soon!

Great audio book!

in iTunes by Rockysdad14 from USA on December 30, 2017
Really looking forward to the finale. Suspenseful, fantasy fiction with believable story line. Even Michael Knowles does ok

Surprisingly good

in iTunes by AndyFromPlanetMO from USA on December 29, 2017
To be honest, I listened to the first few episodes as a courtesy to Knowles and Klavan, since I enjoy their podcasts as much as I do. I must say the story has me hanging on to every word and the break has me longing for the new year. Andrew Klavan throws you into a fantastic tale where the fate of all that is good rests on the shoulders of a man no better suited to the task than you or me. We pull for Austin because we are all Austin. I can’t wait to hear what happens next.

Excellent story telling.

in iTunes by Gsurf76 from USA on December 29, 2017
I love the juxtaposition of modern novel writing and fantasy genre. Crime noir, but mysticalized. Andrew Klavan is an excellent writer with a vivid and compelling style. Michael Knowles’ dramatization is earnest and believable. Well done! Absolutely entertaining.

Really fun story

in iTunes by nightonfir3 from Canada on December 28, 2017
I have loved the twists and turns in the story.

Another Kingdom

in iTunes by ipac0 from USA on December 28, 2017
Avid podcast listener of Andrew’s nearly daily show. Enjoying the story and Michael Knowles’ portrayals.


in iTunes by Berefacen from USA on December 27, 2017
Awesome writing and an exciting and suspenseful story. I can”t wait until January 5th for the next episode!


in iTunes by MCookie0003 from USA on December 27, 2017
Love Klavan and his perspective on life. Great creative work.

klavan and knowles

in iTunes by Behonest47 from USA on December 27, 2017
I love both these guys can’t wait to hear all the rest of the episodes

Incredibly Interesting and Innovative Story

in iTunes by Future Chin Chang from USA on December 26, 2017
Andrew Klavan does a great job with this unique plot to a story, giving the audience space to create and build in their own imagination.

Very Interesting

in iTunes by Mobutu Sese Seku from USA on December 25, 2017
I am generally not into fantasy tales as this one.but I am a fan of Klavan’s political podcast so I thought I would give it a listen. The story is great .. can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Best podcast of 2017

in iTunes by jd9987 from USA on December 25, 2017
Just started episode 3 of Another Kingdom.
Andrew Klavan’s writing paints your minds eye with a brush of vibrant images.
Michael Knowles contorts his voice in so many dynamic characters, I feel like I am in the room with them.
It is truly a great treat. Thank you both so much

Loving it!

in iTunes by a eliav from USA on December 25, 2017
I’ve never really done books on tape before, but hey… It’s Klavan (knows all good words) and Knowles (smokes cigars). How bad can it be?
So far, I’m loving it! Can’t wait for it to see it on screen.

Another kingdom.

in iTunes by Caleb Brenyo from USA on December 24, 2017
Looking out at the landscape of new movies or books it seems we are drowning in a sea of remakes and redos. Nothing but nostalgic dribble for folks who are older than myself and patronizing stories for younger kids who find no real protagonists to identify with throughout the story. Andrew Klavan’s “Another Kingdom” performed by Michael Knowles is a fun, creative, and brilliant alternative story. I can’t wait for season two!
P.S Glad to see Knowles is no longer roaming the streets and has found some sort of employment.

This is soooo good y’all.

in iTunes by The lazy one from USA on December 23, 2017
Very well written. Pulls you deep into characters. Mr. Klavan & Mr. Knowles I am a big fan of your Dailywire work and Another Kingdom work. Thank you both and keep up the good work.!

Klavan the Wise is magnificent

in iTunes by Skidude64 from USA on December 23, 2017
Knocked it outbid the park again. Klavan’s a very talented writer and really has a way of creating characters that are raw and feel like real people. I don’t generally like fantasy, but since Klavan’s a crime novelist, he makes this very enjoyable.

wait, what? a pause for Christmas?

in iTunes by FredericBastiat from USA on December 23, 2017
only just started listening to this last week, binged all 10 episodes, and all of a sudden…. i have to wait till january!? oh thanks a lot guys. just great, guess ill just have to fill my holiday period with re-runs of ben shapiro’s show.

Because now listening

in iTunes by hustler46060 from USA on December 23, 2017
Saved up the first ten episodes to listen to while traveling. Made for a truly enjoyable ride. As the miles went by I enjoyed the scenery and the story. An engaging story and capably presented. I could imagine my place in both worlds watching what’s going on. Looking forward to listening to the final episodes.

This story will draw you in.

in iTunes by Fuzzypooptoes from USA on December 22, 2017
And now for something completly different…..from the mind of Andrew Klavan. It’s got mystery, fantasy, romance and adventure. No matter your preference, you’ll find something to love about Another Kingdom. The talented Michael Knowles explores this wonderful tale and brings you all the comedy, drama and horror within. The only bad thing about this story is that I have to wait for the next episode.

Title should be: Andrew Klavan’s an effin genius

in iTunes by Baldguy427 from USA on December 21, 2017
With this, I now look forward to Fridays despite the Klavanless weekend just around the corner. Klavan uses all the best words, which makes even an incompetent like Knowles (which is not his fault with being related to Hilary and all) seem talented.

Excellent and unpredictable fantasy tale

in iTunes by Hollywood Hater from USA on December 20, 2017
I love fantasy stories, and this one, through 10 episodes, has been great! One thing that I love about this story is that it’s refreshing and unpredictable. That’s because it’s written by Andrew Klavan, a conservative who bashes mainsteam Hollywood. I’m so tired of the Hollywood tropes that you can spot a mile away — if it’s a movie about terrorism, the Muslim didn’t do it; if it’s about war, then war is bad, peace is good, and the general with 30 years military experience is an idiotic nuke em all to hell fool, while the just enlisted soldiers are military geniuses; if it’s a movie about money, then corporations are bad, the worker is good, capitalism is evil, communism is good; and you must always remember, whichever genre of movie you’re watching, the white guy did it. So I am thrilled to be listening to Andrew Klavan’s “Another Kingdom” for free, where I have no idea what will happen. It makes this story and all of his works joys to listen to. Thank you, Mr. Klavan and Mr. Knowles.


in iTunes by 468sparrow from USA on December 20, 2017
I love Another Kingdom! It is packed with action and adventure, and has an old-fashioned charm too, in that it is like an old radio serial where you have to wait impatiently a whole WEEK for the new one. That is actually a huge compliment. This show is addicting and totally worth the wait. More Please! Thank You Andrew and Michael.

An excellent story from Klavan

in iTunes by guerro from USA on December 20, 2017
I am a big fan of Andrew Klavan’s work on the Daily Wire and I find Michael Knowles to be tolerable.
This story is exciting and leaves me impatiently awaiting the next episode to find out what will happen next for Austin Lively, the protagonist of Another Kingdom.
My only complaint is that they will be taking a two week break from posting new episodes and I won’t be able to catch up for more than 12 weeks as I will be away at Officer Candidate School once Another Kingdom returns! I look forward to the end of season one and hopefully it will return for second season!

Extreme Quality

in iTunes by T-MiLLions from USA on December 20, 2017
I don’t like fiction, but this changed the game! Great job Andre Klavan and Michael Knowles. I look forward to this episode weekly. First, the writing is quality and the story entertaining. Second, this is a GREAT break from the 24hr news cycle forced upon us. Third, although I would never say it to his face, Michael Knowles is a solid performer. Haha! Great work Klavan and Knowles!

Fun and addictive

in iTunes by Lonjeness from USA on December 20, 2017
I look forward to listening every Friday! Great story!

Great Idea

in iTunes by Mharold15 from USA on December 19, 2017
I love the serial format of Another Kingdom. It’s addictive and Klavan is a master storyteller.


in iTunes by WTruijens from Netherlands on December 18, 2017
Would be great with different voice actors, although Knowles does a decent job.

Another Kingdom.

in iTunes by bhp35 from USA on December 18, 2017
More like “Another Incredible Klavan Story Told by the Adequate Michael Knowles”.
A must listen!

A Fantastical Thrill

in iTunes by RosemaryLD from USA on December 18, 2017
Andrew Klavan created a world that highlights a talent that I didn’t know Michael Knowles had.
The suspense is well developed to the point you hold your breath with the lead character. “Lively” is an apropos name because of how spirited the story is written.
Hit Play. Escape. Enjoy.


in iTunes by NZ Janie from Australia on December 18, 2017
Getting better and better, really fantastic. And I’ve worked out that Serg Orosgoe (or however you choose to spell it) is a jumble for “George Soros”.

Compelling, suspenseful wildly campy fantasy serial ear candy

in iTunes by GreatOoglyBoogly from Japan on December 17, 2017
I love Andrew Klavan’s show from The Daily Wire, and of course had to give this a listen too. I balled up all of the first ten episodes to listen to in order because I knew I wouldn’t be able to write a decent reveiw until I had at least several carefully listened to. The story is something straight out of “well hell, let’s add this medieval kitsch too and refine it so it doesn’t seem so crazy”, and it works! I’m greatly enjoying the story and happy that the imagery comes through well with the sound scape and Michael Knowles’ performance. This is more than just an audio book reading, as each character gains a persona and a unique voice. If you like fantasy, sword fights, time slips and interdimensional travel, with evil people, good fairies, monsters, magical beasts, all set in the background of the everyday misery of life in Hollywood, you’ll find this quite enjoyable. I am looking forward to season two.

A highlight of every weekend. Knowles finally found something he’s good at.

in iTunes by SoDamaged from USA on December 17, 2017

Drama keeps building!

in Stitcher by dkjnavaz from USA on December 17, 2017
I posted a review after a couple of episodes and the story is only getting better. I am about to listen to episode ten and have been waiting for a new episode all week!


in iTunes by Kobe fan 24 from USA on December 17, 2017
Knowles is worthless yet gotta give him props for this. Klavan is god emperor

Great fun and intellectually intriguing!

in iTunes by Chip Neal from USA on December 16, 2017
This is a nice departure from the norm! I appreciate the creativity and thoughtfulness!

Great way to spend the day

in iTunes by KrennenC from USA on December 16, 2017
Really enjoyed listening to this. Anticipating the next episode!

Ben Shapiro Thug Life

in iTunes by Lol64799 from USA on December 16, 2017
The thug life chose him

Another windom!!

in iTunes by Endurell from USA on December 15, 2017
This has been an awesome radio show-esque experience combining the exciting words of Andrew Klavan with the decent voice acting chops of what’s his name. 👍👍

Oh masters of trolls and culture

in iTunes by OregonGunner from USA on December 15, 2017
A pleasure to listen to the master of trolls being puppeted by the master of conservative culture. A fantastic listening experience, can’t wait to see it in hard copy.


in iTunes by movieghost from USA on December 15, 2017
This is an amazing podcast. The story, the acting. Everything is awesome, and what I have come to expect from Andrew Klavan.

Ummm…finally, something to listen to other than politic talk shows.

in iTunes by wow_neet_smell_my_ft from USA on December 15, 2017
I have been searching for something to listen to…that wasn’t self help, bs or politics. I got that here. Well done. Well done. Well done. And thank you.


in iTunes by Tga95 from USA on December 15, 2017
Very well written and entertaining.

This needs to be a TV show

in iTunes by Matt.c80 from USA on December 15, 2017
It’s refreshing to hear a story where the lead antagonist is vying to be better than he is in spite of his flaws. Well written and well performed.


in iTunes by TJ Meek from USA on December 15, 2017
Supremely entertaining!


in iTunes by Horsielover123 from USA on December 15, 2017
I look forward to every Friday when I get to listen to the next episode. It’s unique, suspenseful, and Andrew and Michael do a great job bringing it to life. Highly recommend!

Are you living in the right Kingdom?

in iTunes by Conservative in LA from USA on December 14, 2017
Every Friday I look forward to the latest episode of Another Kingdom. It provides me a much needed break from the frustration of current events without my having to endure the Progressive worldview woven into most other entertainment. Its a story that’s engaging – just on is face, and offers perspectives on man, God, morality, by following a Hollywood millinneal’s struggle to find truth in two Kingdoms. Which one is real…..don’t be so sure you know.

I’m addicted

in iTunes by pclaney from USA on December 14, 2017
This podcasts should be made illegal. It’s going to kill me soon if I continue to forget to eat and drink while listening to it and I worry about the effect it will have on others.
Nevertheless, Another Kingdom is terrifying wonderful

Such a great story!!!

in iTunes by Natus’ka=MUA from USA on December 14, 2017
It took me a couple of episodes to get familiar with the characters, especially because in the beginning everything felt so grim, but once I got them, the story unfolded very, VERY nicely. I love all the beautiful fantasy elements with the fairies and the mission.
In the beginning of episode eight, lol, I actually laughed out loud, when Maud asks: ” what’s the matter?!” and Austin goes off on a rant haha in his mind, but the says: ” oh nothing.” Mauds character is growing on me, lol
Very well written and very well read too. I appreciate the special sounds and the different voices too!! Thank you Michael Knowles.
Now that I am all caught up with the episode, currently listening to episode nine, tomorrow episode ten, I feel like I will be missing something all week until next Friday.
I hope this will come back for a second season, as Andrew Kalavan suggested and it would absolutely make a GREAT, GREAT fantasy TV show a la ‘Once Upon A Time’ in the first few seasons.
Thank you Andrew Kalavan for this audio book series format!!
God bless.

Wow! This is FREE?!?

in iTunes by HartAndSeoul from USA on December 14, 2017
This is a really good story, with a new episode every week! If you like Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Twilight Zone, Sliders, Quantum Leap, D&D, Doctor Who and NCIS, you’ll probably enjoy this story.

Gripping story

in iTunes by Doctor Ray from USA on December 13, 2017
Excellent writing by Klavan (of whom I am a big fan). Very well read by Knowles. If you are a fan of mysteries and fantasy/science-fiction, you will love this book!

If Outlander and Game of Thrones had a baby…

in iTunes by Jacstormy from USA on December 13, 2017
This would be it. Labyrinth would be its sister. Knowles performs and Klavan delivers a great script every week. Another reason to look to Friday.

Great Storytelling

in iTunes by Dkvasnyuk from USA on December 13, 2017
Great Storytelling by Andrew Klaven. Michael Knowles does a great job.

Please make a tv series!

in iTunes by Ajm9588 from USA on December 12, 2017
This series is fantastic! I was skeptical at first, but I got sucked in from episode one. Andrew Klavan has written a phenomenal story, and Michael Knowles’s voice acting is perfect for it. Plus, it’s good to see Knowles being successful with something with words for a change.

Another Kingdom

in iTunes by BIGGLENN1 from USA on December 12, 2017
I watch Andrew Klavan on Facebook and enjoy his opinions and way of talking about current events. I knew he was a writer but haven’t read any of his novels. So far this is amazing and I would see it in a theater, or really enjoy it on Netflix, because I already subscribe to this service. I respected Mr. Klavan before finding this but have found a new admoration for him now.


in iTunes by Dutch JimBo from USA on December 12, 2017
Really enjoyed listening to this story.


in iTunes by Osarias from Dominican Republic on December 12, 2017
Currently on chapter 6, great story, keep it coming.

Pleasantly surprised!

in iTunes by im.sorry from USA on December 12, 2017
I wasn’t sure about this podcast at first, based on the fact that audiobooks rarely keep my hard won attention. I chose to be patient this one due to my appreciation of Klaven and Knowles’ other podcasts. I just finished the 4th installment, and I can say boldly that it will be very easy to commit to the rest of the story. Lots of fun!

Great story

in iTunes by katieomerica from USA on December 12, 2017
I’m loving this podcast. One episode a week is not enough!

Fun story and voice acting

in iTunes by Ryan Szrama from USA on December 12, 2017
If I ever write a story with a crone, Michael will be my first choice to read for her.
I typically prefer high fantasy, but the blending of the two stories of intrigue in Hollywood and the “other” kingdom really makes this story work. The humor, voice acting, and sound effects all come together to make this a very enjoyable listen. Highly recommended.

What an amazing story!

in iTunes by macasanova from USA on December 11, 2017
Andrew Klavan is a fantastic writer who creates realistic characters and captures human nature like no other. Coupled with Michael Knowles skillful narration, Another Kingdom is a story everybody should listen to! I would love to see this adapted as a TV show someday.

Well written and surprisingly great acting job

in iTunes by DATSXCBI from USA on December 11, 2017
Aside from the well written story and good voice acting by the king of trolls, it is refreshing to be able to listen to an audio drama that doesn’t attack my Christian constitutional conservative worldview.
Many audio dramas misrepresent us and assign Christian cultists, crooked capitalists, or bigoted patriots as the antagonist of the story.
So, it’s really nice to hear a well written story that—even though it’s not political—is not attacking our worldview.

The best way to stave off a Klavan-less weekend

in iTunes by Susie Patena from USA on December 11, 2017
This story will ABSOLUTELY be worth your time – you won’t be dissapointed!


in iTunes by BongRantz from USA on December 11, 2017
Really great to get home from a long day at school and listen to this. Really great stuff.

Story Moving Quickly

in Stitcher by wcon from USA on December 10, 2017
This week Austin learns a lot about himself in 41 minutes. If only he can survive long enough to apply what he learned…

This series is worth trying, well written and well acted!

Truly enjoyable

in iTunes by Texas Pistol from USA on December 10, 2017
As a fan of Klavan’s podcast I gave this a try. I listen every Friday while at work with one ear bud in. I find myself answering out loud character Austin’s question “what was I doing ?” when he lapses from Galiana(sp?) to modern day LA. I can even feel the romance emanating from Austin for Lady Betheray (sp?)
From the guy who knows all the best words to one who found success with no words – Tnx for helping pass work along entertainingly!

America’s New Bald Master of Mystery

in iTunes by TJ Kory from USA on December 10, 2017
Klavan’s work has the grit and darkness of old hard-boiled novels, but with a wit and underlying positive view of the world that can’t be hidden. Also, Michael Knowles playing Michael Knowles was a brilliant casting decision.

Great series!

in iTunes by EragonS from USA on December 9, 2017
Only on episode 4, but I am definitely hooked. I only knew Klavan through his podcast, but this has definitely showcased his amazing talent as a writer and has made me want to read more of his stuff. L


in iTunes by football disciple from USA on December 9, 2017
It’s like Netflix binge watching…I wish there was an auto start function for the next episode


in iTunes by LovingIt2014 from USA on December 9, 2017
I began listening just out of curiosity with no expectations at all. Wow! This is not what I’m typically interested in but I cannot stop listening! Can’t wait for more!


in iTunes by Lady_Voldemort from USA on December 9, 2017
I am up to the 4th episode. Great story so far, wonderful reading too!
9 episodes now, it just keeps getting better and better

Can’t wait for Friday

in iTunes by Jimwilson83 from USA on December 9, 2017
This has helped get me through the Klavan-less weekend and made the world a better place

Fantastic Writing and Surprisingly Wonderful Acting

in iTunes by Studdly muffin man from USA on December 9, 2017
Andrew Klavan’s writing is moving as always, and even that bozo Knowles manages to not detract from the story in any way.

Zigged when he should have.

in iTunes by CasualConsumer from USA on December 9, 2017
All great and serendipitous.

Really Enjoying This Series

in iTunes by Leslieanne64 from USA on December 9, 2017
I’ve really grown to love this series! I look forward to Friday now more than ever! I can’t wait to hear the whole story! A TV Miniseries would be awesome, but only if Michael Knowles plays every character! Now that would be something to see!! Nice work Andrew!!

Very Enjoyable

in iTunes by BG Hoody from Canada on December 8, 2017
The story is very engaging and entertaining. I find myself completely submerged from beginning to end.

Lots of Fun

in iTunes by Aviation wineguy from USA on December 8, 2017
Adventure with Klaven’s wry sense of humor. I loved it.


in iTunes by oh_habba from USA on December 8, 2017
A great tale spun by the talented Andrew Klaven and read by the dreamy Michael Knowls. They seriously can’t put out the epsisodes fast enough for me!

Excellent fiction

in iTunes by Stcwon from USA on December 8, 2017
Great story and very well acted.

Great Story

in iTunes by ChiefMK356 from USA on December 8, 2017
I really enjoy this story. I hope that this review helps bring the story to a TV series. I’d recommend checking out the Daily Wire and CRTV as well. Mug Club approved.

Engaging story

in iTunes by Muhhthyroid from USA on December 8, 2017
The story keeps you on your toes. Only thing wrong with it is Michael Knowles.

Klavan does it again. Oh, yeah and Knowles is okay

in iTunes by Raz Aelle from USA on December 8, 2017
Friday is now great for two reasons: it’s the last day of the work week and each one brings us Another Kingdom. Such a great story, my only complaint is that we only get ONE CHAPTER A WEEK.

Episode 9

in iTunes by Sarah2022 from USA on December 8, 2017
I’ve liked it so far, but this episode…so good. A hero that doesn’t feel cliche one way or the other. Worth the listen.

A Wonderful Piece of Covfefe

in iTunes by Ben M… from USA on December 8, 2017
Andrew Klavan’s Another Kingdom is a suspenseful fantasy that leaves the listener in wonder. The writting is done in such a way that allows you to be held captive by the story and just like Austin Lively, the main character, be transported to a new world. The amazing and incredible voice acting by the “subpar” Michael Knowles really helps the characters take shape and bring the story to life. Another Kingdom leaves the listener wanting a glass of a single malt scotch, a good cigar, and more episodes. Having audio only really allows the writting and vocal performance to shine and lets your imagination take over and truly enjoy listening again.

Love klava klave

in iTunes by Trip S. from USA on December 7, 2017
These guys are great.


in iTunes by Gard the Great from USA on December 7, 2017
The story succeeds in building suspense and entertainment by its originality and willingness to use harsh reality. Andrew Klavan is truly a gifted writer.
I’ll admit begrudgingly that Knowles delivers his role quite well his Crossdresser killer voice is convincing enough to the point of concern…
All kidding aside this show should be on TV staring Micheal Knowles himself.

Really really good

in iTunes by Passably Affable from USA on December 7, 2017
I really like this story. It’s been fun listening to it.


in iTunes by klavansentme from USA on December 7, 2017
Just great stuff from Klavan and Knowles

Just love it

in iTunes by Poppy26153 from USA on December 7, 2017
I spend a great deal of time with my 16 yr old son in the car. He doesn’t have a lot to say to his old man, as you might imagine. He and I really enjoy the story, I especially love that he and I share at least something, even if it involves Knowles’ voice.
Andrew, we have also listened to your “The Great Good Thing” and loved it as well.
Thanks and keep it up!!

Great Story!

in iTunes by Bluskyr from USA on December 7, 2017
Very interesting story. I absolutely believe that this would be a great visual opportunity for a movie or series. Keep it up Klavan!

Another Kingdom

in iTunes by mikwcas from USA on December 7, 2017
Michael knowles really does a great Klavan. Maud is a great character in a this fast paced well written story. Only problem is a few too many cuss words for my liking but still so far so good!

michael knowles a hollywood hunk

in iTunes by its_courtneybitch from USA on December 7, 2017
michael knowles has the voice of an angel and i have always wished i could get him to read me a bed time story…. now i can and it’s absolutley fabulous. thanks andrew klavan for making this happen!!

A Pleasant Surprise

in iTunes by Billie-C from USA on December 7, 2017
I’m not a fan of all his work, but Andrew Klavan is quite a story teller. I think this production in particular is great, a solid contribution to the fantasy genre, and a well-adapted take on the ‘alternate-universe’ story motif (Lion-Witch-Wardrobe, Harry Potter, etc).


in iTunes by Dealsisin from USA on December 6, 2017
-Ben Shapiro

Bloody Great

in iTunes by Dheap303 from USA on December 6, 2017
Just ran across this today. Wow,this is a really gritty noir-esque story that is reminiscent of true crime novels. Also, great narriation makes the story come to life.

I got sucked in

in iTunes by messsam from USA on December 5, 2017
I’ll be honest, I’ve never listened to a fiction podcast in this genre before but I like Knowles and I enjoy Klavan’s commentary and literary works so I decided to give it a try. I got totally wrapped up by episode 3. Now I’m all caught up and hanging on the ending of each episode waiting for next week after week!

Lovin’ It!

in iTunes by –Darwoo– from Canada on December 5, 2017
Reminiscent of the radio serials of the 30’s and 40’s. I was going to wait and binge listen but just couldn’t resist.
The perfect break during my 12hr overnight shifts. because/in spite of Knowles ‘)

I’m hooked

in Stitcher by bryanerayner from USA on December 5, 2017
Just after the first two episodes, I’m hooked. You can visualize exactly what’s going on with the story, I have no idea where this is going to go. I’m certain, however, that it’ll be great! This would make a great movie.

Pretty good

in iTunes by AMEO2016 from USA on December 5, 2017
I like the theme and it is very well performed. Could do with a little less language though seems unnecessary at times.

Why can’t there be more entertainment like this?

in iTunes by Utley from Memphis from USA on December 5, 2017
I’d eat up anything like this. Hopefully others will follow the lead of Mr Klavan.


in iTunes by CrackRatRat87 from USA on December 5, 2017
Say goodbye to your family and friends, you’re about to get swept away. This is a binge worthy pod.


in iTunes by Conservative8675309 from USA on December 5, 2017
I heard this same story years ago almost word for word from two sailors who missed muster because the night before they had lost themselves in drunken reverie after watching 3 hours of porn and Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. I guess talent can fall on just about anyone after all. I’m sure God is super proud of how you are using the talent he gave you. P.s. If you’re going to write tripe at least stop purporting, as you do on your podcast, to be a representative of conservative Christian thought.


in iTunes by JeffRizzo from USA on December 5, 2017
Andrew Klavan is a genius. This is a great story that is well acted by Michael Knowles. Highly recommend Another Kingdom

Gripping and Timely

in iTunes by Sir Gawain 29 from USA on December 5, 2017
In his newest production, Andrew Klavan has expertly combined his gifts in engaging and exciting writing with his knack for social commentary.

Very Entertaining

in iTunes by 😄💥🌟 from USA on December 4, 2017
An engaging mix of contemporary noir and other-worldly fantasy. Whether in today’s LA or the magical world of Galiana, through Andrew Klavan’s deft prose the listener is transported along with the main character Austin Lively to a place of real tension and mystery. And Michael Knowles artful reading enhances the engrossing text. (His reading also shows that Yale grads can act, other than by acting offended at what other people say : )

Great Story!

in iTunes by Pirate Doc from USA on December 4, 2017
Knowles has talent! Klavan seems OK too.

So much winning

in iTunes by Cool “Disco” Dave from USA on December 4, 2017
Not regularly a fan of this genre, but now look forward to every episode.

Truly great

in iTunes by Freeweas from Brazil on December 4, 2017
Congrats, but try to get a girl to do all the female voices. Except Mod, that one is spot on

Love it

in iTunes by Left Wing Lunacy from USA on December 4, 2017
Release it on print Klavan!!


in iTunes by Sean Byrnes’ mac from USA on December 3, 2017
I am so glad I stumbled upon Andrew Klavan’s work.


in iTunes by Bushings shah from USA on December 3, 2017
My favorite podcast ever

Great but needs a bigger team

in iTunes by Avenger1312 from New Zealand on December 3, 2017
The story is very engaging but they need more range voice wise, they really need at least a single female to do some voices.

A Good Start

in iTunes by wolviechops from USA on December 3, 2017
It’s good, for what it is: a modest throwback to the radio dramas of old. Yes, the sound affects are stock, but, this is a very simply production and it’s nice to see artists getting their creative properties past the Hollywood gatekeepers. The story isn’t high concept, but, hopefully this will be a springboard for more slick productions. I heartily support this endeavor. I hope it keeps getting better, and, that the Daily Wire boys can succeed in sticking this in Hollywood’s eye.


in iTunes by Rye202 from Canada on December 3, 2017
Very well written normally I find fictional audiobooks hard to follow from beginning to end, but the humour and appropriate use of swear words keeps you entranced. As an atheist I always find it unnatural how absolutely hilarious a catholic like Andrew Klavan can be

Great story and a talented narrator!

in iTunes by kierstin1989 from USA on December 3, 2017
I started to listen to this on a long car drive, and now I want to turn it on every time I have a free moment, but I also want to savor the book and not get through it too quickly. What a dilemma! I’m looking forward to season two!!


in iTunes by MainerBoy from USA on December 2, 2017
Great job guys – four episodes in and I’m hooked!
As a side note—and I’m sure most people feel the same—I’d love to see an audiobook version of Knowles’ book. Obviously it would be an investment, but I am confident it would pay off!

Loving this epic thriller

in iTunes by A-A-Ron63 from USA on December 2, 2017
Keep making more episodes please! I’m hooked.

Another Kingdom – Klavan (Knowles)

in iTunes by Tzipn from USA on December 2, 2017
Stunning. Listen to every second. You can thank me later.

From Politics to Art

in iTunes by Dkanne from USA on December 2, 2017
Adore these gents on their respective politics + culture podcasts, The Andrew Klavan Show and The Michael Knowles Show, and Mr. Klavan’s seminal work “Reasons to Vote for Democrats” is a work of art! It is a delight to discover Mr. Klavan possesses a literary talent or two as well! (I tease, I tease!).
Whatever the project, this duo has my undivided support…unless, of course, one or both, would, themselves, begin weeping the storied Leftist Tears. At which point, I fear, we will have forever lost the respective gent, or pair of gents, to the abominable wailing and mashing of teeth of the Outer Darkness. Le sigh….At least we will still have Shapiro.
The personality, talent, brains and hair of this pair makes for a perpetually winning duo and endless entertainment.


in iTunes by Guymontag96 from USA on December 1, 2017
Really fun, look forward to new release every week.

Captivating Story, Entertaining, Wonderful

in iTunes by Sobip from USA on December 1, 2017
Fantastically written, performed and produced. I look forward to this podcast each week with immense anticipation. Recommend to anyone who wants an entertaining escape from podcasts/audiobooks.

Wow, it’s actually really good

in iTunes by The Whispher Number from USA on December 1, 2017
And gets better every week. I had my doubts, but wow, Klavan and Knowles have something incredible here.


in iTunes by I,m amazing from Australia on December 1, 2017
Great writing and great performance

Exciting story

in iTunes by Wordcooper from USA on December 1, 2017
Andrew Klavan’s story is fantastic and fatastical, exactly what you would expect from a master storyteller. The realism of the two worlds (or kingdoms) is really great.
Other than a slightly weird Russian accent, Michael Knowles voices this story perfectly. The minimal sound effects keep the story moving.


in iTunes by llofton03 from USA on December 1, 2017
Really excellent work!! Love the series, wonderfully well written and performed!

Great story

in iTunes by fgtrsdvu from USA on December 1, 2017
I am on episode 8 and the story gets better and better the more I listen. The story allows your imagination to wonder and keeps you captured with the action and changing of worlds! My only complaint is that I cannot binge listen! Also despite What Klavan and Shapiro say in their immense jealousy, Knowles does a fantastic job!!


in iTunes by cmsuswami from USA on December 1, 2017
Awesome keep the episodes coming!

Another winner

in iTunes by Bsballplayer25 from USA on December 1, 2017
Great stuff

You will hate most things more.

in iTunes by Bebalu from USA on December 1, 2017
Excellent production

Must listen

in iTunes by Policeiu from USA on December 1, 2017
Thank you Andrew Klavan for such and entertaining story. Thank you Michael Knowles for the amazing narration of this story.

Entertaining yarn with substance

in iTunes by new to Illinois from USA on December 1, 2017
Another Kingdom is a fantasy thriller like A Christmas Story is a ghost story. Outstanding all around.

Great Job!!!

in iTunes by Grdnnut from USA on December 1, 2017
I love listening to books!! Michael did a great job. It is well written and well performed. That’s for a great listen.

Love this story!

in iTunes by Helluh pro from USA on December 1, 2017
An amazing story that showcases Andrew Klavan’s brilliance. It keeps you hooked from the start! Michael Knowles does a great job performing too.
NOT Michael Knowles’ 1347th alternative account


in iTunes by Mantooth79 from USA on November 30, 2017
Great listen! Good Luck Klavan!

Should be on TV

in iTunes by Sheet skeeter from Canada on November 30, 2017
Andrew Klavan’s great mind delivered by Michael Knowles’ velvet tongue. Mmm mmm

Loving the story.

in iTunes by ninecallmemum from Australia on November 30, 2017
I’m loving this story; just the thing to get my mind off the nutty world I’ve found myself in.

Need more

in iTunes by Lambert51 from USA on November 30, 2017
Once a week is not nearly enough.

Great Fantasy Suspense Mashup

in iTunes by Steve Tappe from USA on November 30, 2017
Fun set up, well executed. Works as an old time radio drama.

This would make incredible TV!

in iTunes by healyo from USA on November 30, 2017
This fantastic story by Andrew Klav…? Kliev….? Klavu….? Andrew Kleev…..?
Anyway.. it’s a story by Andrew, who as far as I know has never sexually harassed anyone. It is performed by someone who appears to be credibly homeless.
This story has a chaotic blend of reality and fiction that quickly draws the listener in. It does this in a way that lends credence to some of the wilder reaches of the fantastic. There is an air of child like simplicity in the story, from character names to descriptions of visuals and events that seem to be carefully planted with a deeper meaning.
So far so good I give this a solid 5 stars. Andrew K. Is a fantastic writer and turning this into a television show would probably be the best thing “your boss” (production assistant reading this) ever does with his or her career.
Michael J. Knowles
P.S. Please cast me, Michael J. Knowles as Austin Lively
P.P.S. Please don’t skimp on the special effects

Would smash.

in iTunes by Luke Bruise. from USA on November 30, 2017
I’m no Klavan, so there’s slim chance of my doing Another Kingdom justice with my review. Suffice it to say that waiting each week for the new episode is tough. I’ve basically been reduced to a slobbering, salivating animal, and it sickens me deeply.
Great story. Would smash.

Love it

in iTunes by krt121377 from USA on November 30, 2017
Fantastic story….action doesn’t stop!

Very entertaining!

in Stitcher by Daisy01 from USA on November 30, 2017
This story is very entertaining so far. With each successive episode, the story becomes more interesting and complex. I find myself looking forward to the next episode in the middle of the week. Michael Knowles does a great job of making the characters come alive. All in all, this weekly podcast is a great way to delay being cast out into the exterior darkness until Monday, when I can once again be rescued from wailing and gnashing of teeth by Klavan’s dulcet tones.

to Klaven/Knowles

in iTunes by kalkent32 from USA on November 29, 2017
Two extraordinary people using their extraordinary talents with extraordinary results.
As soon as this one is over, you better have another ready to go immediately. I do not want to have to go to detox and then just get sucked in again with a new tale a few months later.
So if don’t have one yet, let’s get cracking. I still have to drive around in my car whether you have a story out or not. If your story is not playing, not only am I not entertained, I can still hear the voices.
What do you mean “What voices”?

Entertaining and thought provoking

in iTunes by SaskatcheOne from Canada on November 29, 2017
Klavan is a really good writer. Al his books are page turners.


in iTunes by Luvrloo from USA on November 29, 2017
Absolutely loving this!!! Michael does a super job telling this colorfully written story. Kudos to you Andrew!


in iTunes by Twitchyfan from USA on November 29, 2017
A great story, well told. Engrossing tale right from the start. I’m still not convinced that Michael Knowles actually exists, but great simulation.

Love it

in iTunes by Weslar7 from USA on November 29, 2017
Interesting take on the crime story


in iTunes by Djvillalex from USA on November 29, 2017
I was going to give this podcast a 1 star review for two MAIN reasons. First, Michael is performing this podcast so that’s eventually a no because he doesn’t seem really smart, BUT hearing Michael performing this podcast he’s actually great. Second, Andrew and Michael were spamming this podcast EVERY SINGLE DAY! So that eventually becomes annoying, BUT listening to the story it is actually interesting. Awesome podcast, keep the good work!

Another Kingdom

in iTunes by Tonycat49 from USA on November 28, 2017
In a word, Another Kingdom is Enthralling!! Andrew Klavan’s captivating storyline has kept me fascinated, and I LOVE the narration by Michael Knowles. As the intrigue builds from week to week, TGIF has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I can’t wait for Friday!

Positively Addictive!!!

in Stitcher by MicahD from USA on November 28, 2017
This show is fantastic!
The writing is incredible and the character development is believable which makes it so easy to get captivated by this story. Its gritty, its dark, its exciting and there is an optimism underlying it all. I started on episode 1 just to see how it was and found myself a couple hours later trying desperately to figure out when episode 8 will be posted.

I wait for it!!

in iTunes by Littlemas2 from USA on November 28, 2017
This is a very exciting story and I wait for the new episode to come out each week. The story is good and Knowles does a very good job too. I guess he does okay when he has someone else’s words to speak.

Supreme Lord Klavan never fails us

in iTunes by KlavanLover from USA on November 28, 2017
Michael Knowles the King of Trolls: also not too shabby.

Breath of Fresh Air

in iTunes by CanadEan84 from Canada on November 28, 2017
It’s so refreshing to have some popular and quality creativity from conservative perspective.

Really Entertaining

in iTunes by Theology and Physics from USA on November 28, 2017
The story is so much fun and delightfully difficult to predict. It’s a great listen. Well acted and even better written.

Listen to it, you won’t regret it!

in Stitcher by OlPena from USA on November 27, 2017
This podcast is fascinating. It hits some points I never knew existed in Hollywood and in our day to day experiences.


in iTunes by sargavak from USA on November 27, 2017
In the tradition of Dickens and Dumas, Klavan presents (through Knowles) a novel in serial form, with a cliffhanger leaving you waiting eagerly for the next installment. Seriously, you should subscribe — you’ll be glad you did.

Not just excellent, surprising.

in iTunes by Besteger from USA on November 27, 2017
I expected a compelling story from Andrew Klavan. I expected that Michael Knowles’ oral interpretation would carry the narrative while providing character division to keep the dialogue intelligible.
I had not expected the chapter breaks to simultaneously all fit into roughly the same episode length, hit on cliff-hangers & not seemed contrived.
I’m hooked.


in iTunes by Spargapises the lesser from USA on November 27, 2017
It’s actually good. I haven’t listened to this much of a story in years. This story always keeps me on the edge of my seat.


in iTunes by Tigg&Tyler from USA on November 27, 2017


in iTunes by Jalexander305 from USA on November 27, 2017
Love this it’s so entertaining, you easily feel like you’re in the story.


in iTunes by Wifey Mcbeatson from USA on November 27, 2017
Starts off a little slow but builds into great listening. Love Klavan!


in iTunes by Jajahfhd from USA on November 27, 2017
I can barely hold myself together for the next episode to come out. I wish it was a book so I could read it all in one sitting.

Exterior darkness no more for Fridays

in iTunes by #DOFH from USA on November 27, 2017
I’ve enjoyed listening to Klavan’s crime novels for sometime. But he also reads the unabridged these recorded books which can sometimes be creepy. Another Kingdom is special because it is concise, serial, and puts Knowles to good purpose. Really enjoying the mellifluous tones…Recommended for teens and adults.


in iTunes by Asdf cArl from USA on November 27, 2017
Great story

Love it

in iTunes by Jaketherake278 from USA on November 27, 2017
I listen to this when going to bed. For some reason Knowles voice just puts me to sleep. 😉 Love you guys!

Klavan is King!

in iTunes by JamesOQ from USA on November 27, 2017
Author Andrew Klavan (with a tinyyyyy bit of help from Michael Knowles) has done it again! This is an excellent podcast/story. You should subscribe and listen if you haven’t already! Love it! Keep up the good work Drew and Mike! (and all at The Daily Wire)

Thoroughly enjoyable!!

in iTunes by davodidit from Australia on November 26, 2017
Thoroughly enjoyable!!


in iTunes by dillinger501 from USA on November 26, 2017
Michael Knowles going the voice of androgynous killers is somehow better than a blank book. Please, Lord of the Multiverse, write a story about an all transgender ninja squad voiced by Knowles. Or maybe just the inner monologues of Maud????

Love it!

in iTunes by mattrhwrd from USA on November 26, 2017
Great quality stuff. Good to see quality podcast.

fun and entertaining, who are these people?

in iTunes by BillNotWilliam from USA on November 26, 2017
Although I wish the episodes were available faster….part of the joy is waiting a few weeks and then listening to more than one….reminds me of the old radio shows that I lisented to on my “devices” before Podcasts were available…..

Very entertaining

in iTunes by FabriceK from USA on November 26, 2017
Humour, fantasy, suspense: a success.

Top notch fiction

in iTunes by Cortingham from USA on November 26, 2017
My man Klavan delivers the thrills AGAIN. Suspenseful storyline and Michael Knowles ain’t half bad on the characters. Keep ’em coming!!!

More please!!

in iTunes by Lookingforlissa from USA on November 26, 2017
Just binge-listened all seven episodes. Dying to know more!

Engaging story that i’d love to see in Theaters

in iTunes by macomj28 from USA on November 26, 2017
I’m several episodes into the story and I can’t wait for Friday to come so I can hear the next episode. With all of the garbage in the movie theaters these days, I wish the industry would take a chance and produce something well written like Another Kingdom as opposed to the crap that passes for movies nowadays. I can’t take another superhero rewrite. Great work Klavan, and Knowles I guess you were good too.

It’s Klava’lishus!

in iTunes by Maureen T1 from USA on November 26, 2017
I found Mr. Klavan on the “daily wire” and was elated to find an intelligent, compassionate and, most of all, funny person who has the same worldview as I did. So I searched out his fiction and devoured it. When “Another Kingdom” came out I rapidly subscribed and listen to every single episode. I would love to “see” it come to life on screen. As a matter of fact I’d say I would feel “hunky dunky!”
And almost “Tickty Boo!”


in iTunes by kmreiner from USA on November 26, 2017
Enjoying this immensely! Eagerly anticiapting each new episode. They cannot come soon enough!

Great Show

in iTunes by EagleC83 from USA on November 26, 2017
Listened to the first six episodes and I’m hooked. Really enjoying the story thus far. It’s the first podcast since Serial’s first season where an episode ends and I can’t wait for the next episode to drop. The voice acting by Michael Knowles is also very well done.

Too vulgar

in iTunes by Ajobean from USA on November 26, 2017
As Christians, whether in conversation or art, I can’t accept such foul language out of the same mouth from which you claim you praise God.

Fantastic podcast

in iTunes by Lo52MN from USA on November 25, 2017
I am disappointed every Friday night because I have to wait a week to listen to the next episode! Great series, I’ve truly enjoyed it.


in iTunes by JFlei from USA on November 25, 2017
Where the hell did this come from? It’s awesome!! Dude can write. Reader is excellent. Wow! Feels weird that I downloaded this for free.

Great story

in iTunes by Sdaves from USA on November 25, 2017
It’s driving me crazy getting one episode a week. The story is captivating, and Michael Knowles does a great job performing it. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

Great storytelling

in iTunes by Gawoo from USA on November 25, 2017
Really enjoying this break from reality, political and current event podcasts. Great storytelling. There’s something relaxing about hearing a story told. It reminds me of the the way old time radio storytelling grabbed people’s imaginations.
I don’t need the swearing but i get why it’s there. It just makes it harder to recommend to all my friends and family, some of whom would not find that part of the dialogue entertaining.
I appreciate that there’s no preachy anti-American, leftist propaganda message to sort out of the enjoyable story.
I hope this type of story telling becomes more prevalent.

Excellent, entertaining, engrossing!

in iTunes by FreedomIsMyNationality from Canada on November 25, 2017
Only by using Zip Recruiter, could Another Kingdom have been in any way improved. Well done, Messrs Klavan and Knowles.

5 stars!

in iTunes by ViperBreeze from USA on November 25, 2017
O great and powerful Prestigious Lord Emperor Klavan,
Please keep up the good work.

Five stars

in iTunes by 10-Angel-Wing-01 from USA on November 25, 2017
I am enjoying the story and the performance. It would make a great movie.

Wanted to love it

in iTunes by iToldMeSo from USA on November 25, 2017
I like Klavan & Knowles & wanted to love this story. But I just can’t stomach the vulgarity. I’ve heard Klavan’s excuse that he wanted the character to sound real, but that excuse fails. Lots of movies (& books) manage to tell believable/realistic stories while keeping it pg13. That Klavan & Knowles pretend that those who are turned off by the level of vulgarity are Christian philistines who don’t understand art is insulting, especially given the logically flawed defenses they’ve offered. If you want to say I don’t understand art at least give me a rational defense of your position that doesn’t have obvious counter-examples.

A Great Good Ride!

in iTunes by Gfeaster from USA on November 25, 2017
After seven episodes, I am counting the days until the next one comes out! Knowles is a very good voice actor. I love his range of voices. Klavan’s writing is excellent. He certainly knows how to turn a phrase. Keep it up! It would be very cool to see a live action of the story with Knowles playing all the parts! Thanks for my Saturday entertainment.

Michael Knowles does it again

in iTunes by Playerjoe from USA on November 25, 2017
Troll-King of the Daily Wire does it again. At first glance you’d never expect much out of Michael Knowles but he delivers a great performance.
Give it a listen today because it stars Michael Knowles.

Great story

in iTunes by Conservative millennial B from USA on November 25, 2017
Different from my usual podcasts but I enjoy the change of pace. Knowles does a great job and it’s definitely worth the listen.


in iTunes by Chad D. Christy from USA on November 25, 2017
As much as I enjoyed the first episode, I find myself more and more enthralled with each passing scene. Klavan establishes the rules of the world(s) quickly, and the development of Austin is subtle and effective.
The inherent Klavan-ness of the writing allows for little touches of humor in the most serious of scenes without being distracting.
Knowles is excellent. The choices made in his performance are nearly always correct, to the point that while his voice never sounds like that of a woman, he effects a femininity that portrays the characters accurately. Maude is amazing.
I look forward to Fridays for the release of each new episode, and I can’t wait to see the novelization. And maybe the Netflix series?

Worth It!

in iTunes by J Ridge from USA on November 25, 2017
Gripping and interesting, give it a shot! Don’t want to give anything away…

Cliff-hanger every week

in iTunes by Boycotting_MSM from USA on November 24, 2017
Very entertaining to listen to. You’ll wish the episodes were longer because the cliff-hangers come too soon and you must wait another week.

Great story, entertaining voice acting

in iTunes by Sundhance from USA on November 24, 2017
A fun combination, the story is a real page turner, and Michael Knowles’ voice acting brings the story to life….a fun ride..can’t wait to see where this is going…but don’t want it to end either!

Kept me awake…

in iTunes by notquitedeadyetoldwhiteguy from USA on November 24, 2017
For the last 250 miles of a thousand mile plus day driving cross country. No small task given my level of exhaustion. I just may be alive because of this story…just saying.

Apprehension transmuted into the sublime

in iTunes by Nathan is winning from USA on November 24, 2017
The first couple episodes are corny AF BUT Drew does an amazing job of turning into a Shannaraian experience. Micheal does an amazing job voicing the the characters. My personal preference would be having Michael do the main character and the supporting cast voiced on its own. Knowing the values of Michael and Andrew are what I want for my sons to be entertained with and I love all their hard work and dedication to provide respectful quality to all. Keep up the good work gents.
As a Traveling Man I give my approval
Three Five Seven Nine or More


in iTunes by The Kidwells from USA on November 24, 2017
Impressed with the seamless flow from one scene to the next. Andrew Klavan is a gifted storyteller, with a astute vocabulary that is not so common in today’s popular literature. Michael Knowles has a face for radio, 😆. He has a definite talent for voicing different characters, even the feminine voices are done well. The production and sound effects are top notch as well, adding an element to the listening experience that’s not as common as it used to be.


in iTunes by Aunt loly from USA on November 24, 2017
Love this show and how you have to continue to the next episode like a bookworm. I’m hooked, more sooner please!!

Definitely More than I expected

in Stitcher by HoorayHoorah218 from USA on November 24, 2017
The intrigue of the premise is what hooks you. The rest of the story, as it unfolds, is what reels you in. Every episode thus far adds another layer of curiosity as to where it at lead next. This is the first bit of Klavans literary work that I’ve looked at-BIG fan of his podcast show. I’m excited to see what else he’s done

Great show!

in Stitcher by PJ EdwardS from USA on November 24, 2017
I’m thoroughly captivated by it every week. i get scared every time a possible cliffhanger approaches cuz i know it’s the end of the episode, and it’s torture to wait Another Week for Another Kingdom. lol. Knowles does a surprisingly good job of making me forget he’s Knowles, and the writing keeps me totally enveloped the whole time. i just hope Austin finds his courage soon, and grows into the hero he must be.

The story only gets better

in iTunes by Saxman94 from USA on November 24, 2017
This is one of the most frustrating novels to listen to and i have never enjoyed it so much. The story in LA is full of suspense and i want to see that plot-line develop, and just as it is getting really good it switches to the other world, which is also fantastic but i wasnt done with LA, but now i am hooked again only for it to switch just as the action is heating up. I cant wait for the rest of the chapters and will listen to them all!

Love it

in iTunes by Woodcrest Hawc from USA on November 24, 2017
A tour de force. Everything about this podcast is terrific.

Great story by a great author

in iTunes by spif121 from USA on November 24, 2017
I look forward to every Friday for the new episode. Keep up the great work!


in iTunes by jeffthewriter from USA on November 24, 2017
I started out thinking I would try it, just for a bit. And now every week, the next episode can’t come soon enough. Klavan is a mesmerizing storyteller.

A lot of fun

in iTunes by TROimUBLE from USA on November 24, 2017
I’ve really been enjoying this story so far. Keep up the great work, guys!

Loving this show!

in iTunes by billie67 from USA on November 24, 2017
It’s great to hear Klavan and Knowles in a different setting,

This show

in iTunes by thebassrockz from USA on November 24, 2017
With every passing episode it just keeps getting better and better, The story by Andrew is incredible and Michael’s performance is immersive! I always look forward to it every week! Can’t get enough.


in iTunes by Wired Padre from USA on November 24, 2017
Very entertaining. Can’t wait to the next want to come out every week.

Another level

in iTunes by James83739 from USA on November 24, 2017
I’ve never listened to a story podcast. It was really entertaining for long road trips. Very engaging.

So much fun!

in iTunes by Scribes3 from USA on November 23, 2017
Well-written, beautifully performed. I’m enjoying every minute. Has to be a Netflix series soon, right?

New Convert

in iTunes by Keekayking from USA on November 23, 2017
It took me a while to get through the first episode, mostly because I was catching up on Andrew Klavan’s and Michael Knowles’ podcasts. Then I switched it on while prepping for Thanksgiving and I’m hooked! When I got to the end of the last episode, I was so disappointed that I had to wait! So today I’m thankful that the new episode drops tomorrow! Love it!!


in iTunes by FranciskaMusic from USA on November 23, 2017
Brilliant dialogue!!!! Thank you!!!

This is great!

in iTunes by Dmac50100 from USA on November 23, 2017
I love this story. Wonderfully written and a fantastic delivery by Michael Knowles.
Great work.

Great fantasy/crime novel.

in iTunes by Ghhgknjjjjknnnmmmm from Denmark on November 23, 2017
A really fantasticly written story by the most excellent author Andrew Klavan. Really interesting mix of his usual crime mystery novels and the fantasy genre. I guess Michael Knowles does a decent job too as the voice actor. I can highly recommend listening to this podcast.

Tickety boo!

in iTunes by tv&movies from USA on November 23, 2017
Here to support klavan it’s the least anyone in the mailbag could do!

Can’t wait for the next episode…ever

in iTunes by C-17 vet from USA on November 23, 2017
So well written and performed. I can’t believe there is only good by to be 13 episodes. So good.

Its the best. Believe me!

in iTunes by modernpajamas from USA on November 23, 2017
Great Exalted God King, Keeper of the Keys of Humanity Klavan has delivered an amazing story with suburb acting by best selling author who’s never written a book, Michael Knowles. Very please and looking forward to more!


in iTunes by Neilrjack from USA on November 23, 2017
The most entertaining podcast I’ve listened to in a long time!


in iTunes by Millsgold from USA on November 23, 2017
The best story podcast I have ever heard. I get sucked in every week.

Great Fantasy

in iTunes by Kwackymu from UK on November 23, 2017
A great fantasy story and mystery thriller, 2 stories in 2 worlds. Just finished 6th episode looking forward to many more.


in iTunes by khirareq from USA on November 23, 2017

Another Kingdom new obsession

in iTunes by bamtkm from USA on November 23, 2017
I started listening when there were 6 episodes. It has been a great listen and I can’t wait for the next episode.

I am hooked!

in iTunes by emiam_4ever from USA on November 23, 2017
I hope to see this as a TV series someday! Great stuff!


in iTunes by Newton9710 from USA on November 23, 2017
This story is utterly captivating. I’m hooked! Keep the episodes coming!!

Gripping, Spellbinding, Engaging Story!

in iTunes by Alfred3rd from USA on November 23, 2017
I was not expecting to be hooked so suddenly. Another Kingdom was really under-sold! It is full of interesting characters, colorfully descriptive narrative, and tantalizing plot-line possibilities. It is past 2 AM, and I’m trying to convince myself not to go on to the next episode so I can get some needed sleep.
Language was sometimes more profane than I want in my entertainment. Also, some themes were more mature than I want my young children exposed to. But, on the whole, very engaging!


in iTunes by scubabarber from USA on November 23, 2017
Very well written and wonderfully performed.

5 stars

in iTunes by Randysavage2323 from USA on November 22, 2017
Great show, unique, A++

Andrew Klavan is a storytelling legend

in iTunes by Jpol77 from USA on November 22, 2017
Michael Knowles is always suprisingly good as well


in iTunes by Txsktyldy from USA on November 22, 2017
Once again Andrew’s writing intrigues me. He never disappoints. Thanks Andrew. Oh and of course Michael Knowles
Wraps it together, presenting you with a delectable gift.

A Solid End to a Week

in iTunes by KypaMc from USA on November 22, 2017
Greatly enjoy the story . I think what I am most intrigued by it is I never know if my guess for whats next will be correct. Half the time I am dead on, the other half not even close. This has gotten me fully engaged. Excited for more.

A new groove for Klaven that is Grooven!

in iTunes by The Bride Of Christ from USA on November 22, 2017
The Story is amazing and has me on the edge of my seat. It is such a new type of story that I have no idea where it is going. I have read and listened too a lot of Klavens fiction. He usually is very straightforward and builds to a guessing game where you dont know how the story will end. This story is so unique that I have no idea what will happen episode to episode. It is not so random that is seems chaotic, the story is flows well and is absolutly captivating. BE A MAN!

The future?

in iTunes by woodrowpwilson from USA on November 22, 2017
More of this please! My wife and I ask each other each friday, “Did you listen to Another Kingdom yet?”

Loved it!

in iTunes by #Cloud5 from USA on November 22, 2017
Everything Andre Klavan touches is pure gold!


in iTunes by A_maas from USA on November 22, 2017
Supreme Overlord Super Mega Ultra Emperor Klavan’s story is amazing. His story telling is superb, and Michael Knowles for being Michael Knowles is doing an awesome job and I love it.

Well done!

in iTunes by Aleksandr S T from USA on November 22, 2017
Hope this novel makes its way onto the screen!


in iTunes by CardsGone! from USA on November 22, 2017
Long car ride needs something interesting to occupy the mind. So binge-listened to all 6 episodes. Fantastic. Wife asks, is that it? When can we get #7? Great stuff Andrew and Michael

Atlanta traffic doesn’t seem so bad

in iTunes by Aquavet97 from USA on November 22, 2017
Thank you, Drew, so much for providing a much needed distraction for my daily commute. I have loved you and your commentaries and books for years. Kudos for giving Knowle’s a chance, by the way. Fun story- who was the inspiration for the crap monster?

Life Changing!

in iTunes by #1percepto1.0fan from USA on November 22, 2017
It’s great! it changed my life, possibly for the better.


in iTunes by Sunnydelite2012 from USA on November 22, 2017
I am loving every minute of this thing. Exciting, smart, funny, thought-provoking — Knowles reads it beautifully and Klavan is in top form as always. Big, big, thumbs up.

Wonderful! …wish I could binge-read!

in iTunes by theMMAjunkie from USA on November 22, 2017
I am a fan of Drew’s writing and enjoy both his books and podcasts. I have really enjoyed Another Kingdom. His descriptive writing skills are in full display in this series. The only negative of this podcast is that I am fully immersed in the story and if it were a book I wouldn’t put it down and would read it straight through. Waiting a week for each episode is nearly painful.
…oh yeah… Knowles is ok too. LOL
Great work! I pray Hollywood picks it up!

Bye Bye Hollywood

in iTunes by Speartalon from USA on November 22, 2017
Great story. Real thriller.

Gripping Story!

in iTunes by KevinT.93 from USA on November 22, 2017
Well written and wonderfully performed story. Klavan and Knowles make a great duo! I would highly recommend listening to Another Kingdom.

Great Story

in iTunes by dogfishbonehead from USA on November 22, 2017
Great story from a great writter!


in iTunes by smithal3 from USA on November 22, 2017
Terrific Story – Great Narrator!

Great story

in iTunes by Curtis The Great from USA on November 22, 2017
Very fun and easy to listen to Michael Knowles is a very talented actor and Andrew Klavan is an excellent author what a great tag team.


in iTunes by Hal1863 from USA on November 22, 2017
This is a terrific podcast, reminiscent of the golden days of radio dramas. The script by Andrew Klavan is intriguing and sophisticated. The voice performance by Michael Knowles is superb; it is amazing how well he does the multiple voices necessary for the complex story. Addictive and highly recommended.

Only 1 complaint

in iTunes by Tsalagiagaliha from USA on November 22, 2017
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! My only complaint is that it only comes out once a week.

Stuff I Like

in iTunes by john_t_wilson from USA on November 22, 2017
Unique and compelling. The future of storytelling, and Andrew Klavan is forging this new way to bring great stories to the 21st century.

Maximum Covfefe

in iTunes by Tkossel from USA on November 22, 2017
Wonderful writing from Klavan and and excellent performance from Knowles. I can’t wait for each Friday to roll around so I can dive into the next episode. Could not recommend this one enough.

Very enjoyable

in iTunes by GLENN5246 from USA on November 22, 2017
I listened to episode 1 so far. Compelling story, and Knowles’ does a great job narrating. I would expect nothing less than great from these two. Love their shows as well.


in iTunes by John Zoli from USA on November 22, 2017
So. Much. Reference.

Love it.

in iTunes by FaithinCats from USA on November 22, 2017
Great storytelling!


in iTunes by Khiri from USA on November 22, 2017
I must first admit that I was ready to give up on this podcast within the first several minutes. I’m a very tough audience and you have to grab me fast. But I kept listening and I am hooked! Great story by Andrew Klavan and well performed by Michael Knowles. BTW, it’s a great distraction from al the political podcasts! ;-P

I need more episodes!!!

in iTunes by viffa from USA on November 22, 2017
I have a long commute and I have run out of dailywire podcast episodes and now I have listened to all of the AK episodes… it’s such an interesting and addictive story! The descriptions are so colorful and it’s so easy to get invested with the characters. Keep up the good work! Oh and the narrator couldn’t have been more amazing!


in iTunes by Stunning Mindventure from USA on November 22, 2017
Sweet, totally, cool beans


in iTunes by Oyvehsmir from Australia on November 22, 2017
Plenty of the unexpected plus it’s gripping, I look forward very much to each episode.


in iTunes by Garrett0101 from USA on November 22, 2017
Great book! Great to see Knowles finally saying something decent ;).

Highly recommend

in iTunes by BP18;6))000 from USA on November 22, 2017
I never do “reviews”… but this is one of the most creative and entertaining podcasts that I’ve ever heard. 5-Stars without question.


in iTunes by XkcerMan from USA on November 22, 2017
I listen to podcasts every chance I get; driving, jogging, getting ready in the morning. I have a variety that I switch through, but I don’t anticipate any of them like I do Another Kingdom. My emotional countdown usual begins Wednesday evening for when a new episode drops. “After I wake up tomorrow, only one more day…”
The writing is vivid, the plot is intriguiging, and the characters are interesting. I have no idea where this story is going, which is one thing that keeps me so engaged. Can’t wait for the next one!

Such a gripping story!

in iTunes by Sumgeigai from USA on November 22, 2017
A nice story to tune into every weekend

Recommended by a friend and got hooked

in iTunes by Futopillow from Australia on November 22, 2017
Cleverly written tale and nicely performed, hooked after the first one, keep it up folks!!!


in iTunes by Brett_McS from Australia on November 22, 2017
I have never been a paritcular fan of “fantasy fiction”, but this is really intriguing and I have become hooked. Great stuff!

Fantasy thriller

in iTunes by Johnny R D from UK on November 22, 2017
Andrew Klavan’s skill of telling an intriguing and thrilling story triumphs again. Eternal truths of real life are embedded in this bizarre, tense, intriguing tale, narrated by the talented Michael Knowles.

Love. Love. Love!!

in iTunes by lawguy99 from USA on November 22, 2017
Sent this to two of my writer friends in showbiz and they are now into it. Have read Werewolf Cop also. Talent galore here folks. Please subscribe with a lousy click.

Excellent Story and Performance

in iTunes by striderrftn from Australia on November 21, 2017
Big fan from Australia. If you make this into a tv series or movie, PLEASE cast Michael Knowles as one of the main characters.


in iTunes by WIprairiedoc from USA on November 21, 2017
Keep pushing the culture back to sanity and entertaining us!

Top notch!

in iTunes by DChrist24 from USA on November 21, 2017
Klavan is a fantastic writer. Knowles is pretty good, I guess. I mean, for someone who writes blank books, he seems to deliver the content well for a change. The story is top notch, and I can’t wait for each new episode. You’re onto something Klavan!


in iTunes by Valeska894 from Australia on November 21, 2017
This story had me hooked from the first episode, it’s very interesting and I can really visualise the story:)

Pleasant surprise

in iTunes by cjhatton81 from USA on November 21, 2017
I listened to Another Kingdom with low expectations to be honest. After listening to the first episode I was hooked, and I find myself impatiently waiting for the next weeks episode.

Great show!

in iTunes by Disco2277 from USA on November 21, 2017
I love this story. I’ve read Klavan before (and if you’ve ever looked at a blank piece of paper before you’ve read Knowles) but this is something entirely new and yet familiar! I find myself looking forward to Friday not only for the end of the work week but also for the adventures of Austin Lively and the battle for the restoration of the monarchy in the kingdom of Galleana.


in iTunes by rockfox90 from USA on November 21, 2017
Everything Klavan does is golden.

Paul K

in iTunes by Werria from USA on November 21, 2017
A wonderful story that really draws you in. I am hooked and hope this team does more stories !! Michael Knowles is great interpreting Great Leader Klavan. Great Leader you picked a great one , after some minor groveling I am sure.


in iTunes by Kalivathorn from USA on November 21, 2017
I love listening to both Andrew Klavan and Michael Knowles and I was very excited when I heard about this project. It did not disappoint. I’m on Episode 3 and can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Love it!

in iTunes by dbrianj from USA on November 21, 2017
This show is wonderful! Thank you for your hard work!

Great story and well acted

in iTunes by Johnliberty from USA on November 21, 2017
Andrew Klavan’s genius is on full display in this story and is extremely well acted out by Michael Knowles. I definitely recommend this podcast.


in iTunes by JFamu from Australia on November 21, 2017
Gripping stuff! Loving it

Thank you Sir Shiny Spiritual Sage Klavan

in iTunes by Konaben from USA on November 21, 2017
You are doing a wonderful thing through your podcast and now through this story. Hopefully your work, these reviews (and not to mention prayers!) will keep you influential in Hollywood for years to come. You have truly blessed me through your Godly wisdom, particularly in the “walking daily by the Spirit” arena, something I believe in deeply. Thank you.


in iTunes by sjtugman from USA on November 21, 2017

incredible voice acting, well-paced writing

in iTunes by aupiff from USA on November 21, 2017
Can’t get enough of Klavan’s writing and it’s nice to hear the words spoken by a compent performer. Best of luck, you two!


in iTunes by #1 mxer from USA on November 21, 2017
As usual an enthralling tale from Klavan. Beyond this, and to the shock of all listeners, Michael Knowles somehow doesn’t make a complete fool of himself, which is normally a sound description of his existence.

Pretty Addicting

in iTunes by sammybiy from USA on November 21, 2017
I’ll admit that I’m pretty hooked on this podcast.

Fantastic pod cast

in iTunes by ScoobRex from USA on November 21, 2017
Love the story and the diversion from politics from Klavan’s other show.

Kagy 257

in iTunes by Kagy257 from USA on November 21, 2017
Very enjoyable

Best podcast ever

in iTunes by yadayadaboo from USA on November 21, 2017
Hilarious, topical, relevant, hip, sublime!

Great podcast!

in iTunes by Cooliodaddy123 from USA on November 21, 2017
Enjoying the podcast, engaging, and fun!

Game of thrones good or better!!

in iTunes by Sgt. Nasty from USA on November 21, 2017
I cannot wait to see this come to the big screen! Needs a different narrator for sure, but the story is excellent.


in iTunes by David from St Louis from USA on November 21, 2017
Love the podcast

No Words

in iTunes by DiscreetDorking from USA on November 21, 2017
It is impossible to describe how good this story is since Klavan took all the words. Great story and performance!

I want to see more

in iTunes by Allan Crowson from USA on November 21, 2017
The story has my interest, and I am always eager for the next number. Wish I could watch a video version.

I’m a FAN of this FANtasy!!!

in iTunes by GregMcCullough from USA on November 21, 2017
The only problem is that it’s not long enough. Episodes should be released daily and last 24 hours. That’s the only way I will get enough of this show!

Gift from above.

in iTunes by GolfBravoBravo from USA on November 21, 2017
This podcast was the inspiration for covfefe. I put cotton inside my ears all day, everyday to keep them pure from noise until Friday when I may be graced by the voice of Micheal Knowles. It’s been said Noah listened to Another Kingdom during the flood and begged God to extend the flood so he’d have more time to listen. Thank you Great and Wise Lord Klavan, bringer of rain and fertility for Another Kingdom.


in iTunes by Werewolf Cop from USA on November 21, 2017
The story really pulls you in and I find myself wishing it were Friday, not to signify the end of the week, but to listen to this story.


in iTunes by Feral American from USA on November 21, 2017
Really captivating story, super interesting, Knowles does a great job! Cant wait until the new one comes out every friday. Not sure who would leave a 1 star review on this… SAD!

Reclaiming the Culture: Another Kingdom, Another Five Star Review

in iTunes by loganwesley from USA on November 21, 2017
First time I’ve written a rating for a podcast or for literally anything. My primary motivation is to help you cram Another Kingdom down the throat of the liberal bastion of Hollywood. Continue the outstanding work both in the arts and at The Daily Wire. We will reclaim the culture one Andrew Klavan work at a time.

Just terrible.

in iTunes by gumberculesreviews from USA on November 21, 2017
Knowles reads (yes, “reads,” not “performs”) the story like an elementary school teacher mouthing the words of a book he is at best only slightly familiar with to his class. Either it’s his first time looking at the material or he’s so bad at delivery that it might as well be.
Klavan’s writing is schticky and predictable, like his podcast humor. And, really, it’s just bad. Here’s an example of the kind of writing that is common throughout:
“Like all comics, she was angry and miserable. I never met one who wasn’t.”
On the nose, no creativity, and redundant.
But back to Knowles, his character voices all blend together, and he can’t seem to keep the deliveries consistent. His cadence is terrible, with every line delivered the same as the one before it. Emotion? Emphasis? Using intonation to give the story a flow? Knowles knows none of this. I understand he may be going for a more noir detective type of reading, but even then it seems like he just doesn’t know what he’s reading, or again, is reading to an elementary school class.
At least there’s no room for Knowles’ Romanian lies about the history of the church or any visual component where I might have to watch his curled back, pointy lips as his mouth moves. I can *hear* that mouth of his moving, but I can’t see it.
So one star for hiding Michael’s face.

Lovin’ it

in iTunes by Mile A. from Hungary on November 21, 2017
I’m lovin’ it.

Thoroughly enjoyable

in iTunes by NorCalMusician from USA on November 20, 2017
Wonderfully descriptive and clever content. Both Klavan and Knowles are brilliant in their respective roles.

Highly Addictive

in iTunes by Mrs. Metal Rooster from USA on November 20, 2017
Wish I discovered this podcast later so I wouldn’t have to wait for the next installment. Love the voice work and life Michael Knowles breathes into Klavan’s work. The kitten face voice has so many layers to it with both the dialogue and voice, and it drives me crazy, lol. Keep up the fantastic work guys!

Growing on me..

in iTunes by CJbells from USA on November 20, 2017
Not going to lie, hearing Knowles trying to imitate a woman (voice) did not “hook” me. However, the story (and yes, even Knowles) is drawing me in. The only issue I have is that there is only one episode a week.

A compelling story – well written and performed

in iTunes by mrldbaker from USA on November 20, 2017
Very frustrating to have it come out one chapter per week. Maybe I’ll fake a terminal illness to see if I can get more of the story out of Klavan

Well, I’m hooked.

in iTunes by IngolmoFeanaro from USA on November 18, 2017
I first learned of Andrew Klavan and Michael Knowles through The Daily Wire, where they each have their own talk shows. As an aspiring writer, I found Klavan’s perspective on life and politics very interesting. Further, I love the fantasy genre; so, with these things in mind, I gave “Another Kingdom” a shot. First off, Michael Knowles does an admirable job narrating the story. The sound effects are passable as well – ok, a bit better than passable. However, Klavan’s tendency towards the thriller genre affects the syntax noticeably. Sometimes, single words will be used multiple times in quick succession; in such instances, I think that Klavan might should employ some more synonyms. (Of course, he’s been in the writing game a lot longer than I have, and probably has a good reason for doing so.) Also, the narrator uses rather cliched phrases from time to time. However, Klavan’s writing boasts flashes of brilliance. For example, his descriptions of the environments, whether in L.A. or in Galiana, and the dizzingly complex and hilarious explanation of Skyler’s relationship with Jane and Austin. Further, the plot is intriguing. So I’ll keep listening. Good job, Klavan and Knowles. You’ve earned another fan.


in iTunes by CBsearose from USA on November 18, 2017
great narration. Looking forward to each episode.

It’s great!!!!!

in iTunes by redpillwarrior from USA on November 18, 2017
While I’m driving from service cal to service call I have something to get my imagination going. It’s well written and Michael reads the story with great enthusiasm. Must listen

This is

in iTunes by Tonycakes from USA on November 18, 2017

Fun story

in iTunes by Deanerbeans from USA on November 18, 2017
I am really enjoying Another Kingdom. Not only is the story fun & adventurous it also performed well by Michael Knowles. It is not like a typical audiobook, rather it is a performance story with sound effects reminiscent of old time radio shows. Love Love Love!!!

Fun, adventurous, and intriguing

in iTunes by Gavalor from USA on November 17, 2017
The story is a lot of fun and keeps you intrigued. Each episode leaves you eager for the next! It’s great how the author is able to blend today’s real life thoughts and reactions into the adventurous fantasy many of us long for. The narration is smooth and the narrator does a good job bringing each character’s individual personality and purpose to life.

This documentary is weird

in iTunes by Ddddddddddave from USA on November 17, 2017
I’ve always wanted to know how Michael Knowles came to the Daily Wire. Changing the names of the people and places doesn’t fool me.


in iTunes by Phit 4678754 from USA on November 17, 2017
Knowles is a star and Klavan is a dictator but nonetheless this story is great and I hope this isn’t the last one from these two.

Another Kingdom

in iTunes by 88Nason from USA on November 16, 2017
Entertaining and well written; listneing to the episodes passes by in a flash, and I look forward to the next installment.

Fantastic Cliff Hanger Deliciousness

in iTunes by Josh Ruby from Sacto… from USA on November 16, 2017
Seriously. I wish every episode was available so I could binge listen. Curses! So good! Must … wait … for … Friday …

Really great story

in iTunes by dvheer from USA on November 16, 2017
Absolutely love the story so far. I really look forward to new episode releases!

Very interesting

in iTunes by MawWire from USA on November 15, 2017
This is very interesting. Really good plot & storyline. It does have curse words but that doesn’t bother me.

What a Gripping Story!

in iTunes by Macvan3233 from USA on November 15, 2017
Each episode is absolutely enjoyable and leaves you wanting more!

Wow! Well done.

in iTunes by Jake Danielles from USA on November 15, 2017
Really amazing character development. Really grew attached to the characters 3 episodes in. If all 13 episodes were out i would’ve binged it in one night. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Starting to get good..

in iTunes by jakeszetela from USA on November 15, 2017
I feel the first 4 episodes didn’t pull me in terribly much, as it seems there wasn’t enough “discovery” by the character. That all changed in episode 5. He finally starts to unravel some of the mysteries and the back and forth between worlds becomes much faster paced. Glad I stuck around. Now I’m hooked.

Not Russian

in iTunes by Mrossol from USA on November 15, 2017
I am not a Russian bot listening to this. I am an actual person and this story started a bit slow but has pulled me in. I can’t wait for Friday to listen to the new episode every week.

Great Story/Surprising Acting

in iTunes by Goldneyes7 from USA on November 14, 2017
Fantastic story!! Knowles does a great job with the voices, which was a surprising realization for me. Well done sir! Haha I love a good story and tend to blow through good books….the toughest part is not having a book and having to wait weekly for a story you want more of! Great writing and acting!! I have already told my friends about it and will spread the word to anyone I can! Can’t wait for more episodes!!

Okay, but the use of the “F” word is off-putting.

in iTunes by ruthel24 from USA on November 14, 2017
I have listened to all the episodes as they have aired. The story would be better if Klavan cleaned up the language. Not interested in the rest because of that very issue. For a Christian, he doesn’t sound like it. Way too much swearing for my liking. He says that he writes on the hard edge, but I don’t like his use of the “F” word at all! He just said in one of his shows, #411, that he wrote it without the language and had to add it back in because it didn’t sound like real life. I hear enough of the “F” word throughout my day and I don’t need it be entertained. R-


in iTunes by lightsout122 from USA on November 14, 2017
Klavan’s talent as a writer is obvious here as he has composed a captivating and intriguing story. Knowles’ performance is excellent and does a fantastic job of bringing these characters to life.

A truly Covfefe audiobook

in iTunes by Tkyle852 from USA on November 13, 2017
Even with the mediocre acting talents of Knowles, Andrew Klavan was able to knock it out of the park yet again with this fantastic story. Entertaining and profound.
P.S. I kid. Michael Knowles rocks too.

Taking back the culture

in iTunes by Dtw56 from USA on November 13, 2017
Who needs tv?

Ted Dekker deserves the credit

in iTunes by Hawtdiggitydawg from USA on November 13, 2017
This is honestly one of the least creative most repetitively boring rip-offs of “The Circle” series by Ted Dekker that I have ever heard. It would be one thing if you had a twist, or a semi-decent writing style, but this is instead almost a word for word copy of Ted Dekker’s novels. I’m embarrassed by you, and embarrassed for everyone who didn’t know better before producing this work.

Love this podcast

in iTunes by Steve13742 from USA on November 13, 2017
Andrew Klavan is a story telling genus and despite his inability to write more than a mostly blank bestselling book, does a great job bringing the script to life.

Worth the Listen!

in Stitcher by J Mitchell from USA on November 13, 2017
Dear potential listener, let me dispel you of any fear you might have that “Another Kingdom” won’t earn your admiration: it will. First, the writing is superb! No low-budget tropes, stilted dialogue, or monotonous musing. The characters are natural, authentic, and with relatable behavior and actions. Second, the intrigue and suspense really begin to take you in–a captive, imaginative experience. Third, it has the unmistakable humor, charm and gusto of the Klavanator himself. Worth the listen!


in iTunes by Thecarlmon101 from USA on November 12, 2017
Impressive and entertaining work 10/10 to acting and writing

Edge of my seat

in iTunes by T-Town Woman from USA on November 12, 2017
Every episode is a cliff hanger for the next. I’m on the edge of my seat at the end of each episode. You won’t be diasapointed!!!

Theatre of the mind at its best

in iTunes by fiveodano from USA on November 12, 2017
Solid performance by Michael Knowels and an excellent story by Andrew Clayvin. Maybe one day they’ll switch roles and Michael will write and Andrew could do the performance. I can just picture it now… 45 minutes of dead air.

Compelling and well-read

in iTunes by Zach Ricks from USA on November 12, 2017
Andrew Klavan’s “Another Kingdom” is a fascinating dual world fantasy, and I am hooked. Well written, and surprisngly well-performed by Michael Knowles. (Though why that should be surprising is an open question.) It’s a fun listen. Not appropriate for kids because of language, but I’m very interested in seeing where Klavan is going with this. If this was available in e-book or print, I’d have a copy already.

Eat Your Heart Out Samuel Clemens

in iTunes by Ranic Khaan from USA on November 12, 2017
An entertaining melding of 1980’s tabletop role play, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court-with a dusting of Game of Thrones for good measure. High Lord and Eternal Ruler of the Pen and Prose, Andrew Clæivin, has finally crafted a tale worthy of discerning aficionado’s of all things cast by pod. Brought to life by the dulcet tones of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s second cousin (once removed?), Michael Knowles; who sounds more at home playing imprisoned ogre bait-then a lecherous, tear-swilling, political commentator. Gnolls truly embodies the role of Austin, a failed audio producer, sucked into a mysterious fantasy world of Ice and Fire.
Got a half-an-hour while you drink your morning covfefe, or take a dump? Why not spend it with this delightful fantasy romp! After all, it was written by the same guy who crafted the award-winning screenplay for, Don’t Say a Word. What could go wrong?
*Subscribe to the Daily Wire, for only $99 a year, and you can drink leftist tears through your own, hand etched “Steven Crowder Mug Club”, mug!*

The Klavanator did it again

in iTunes by Janos Rozgonyi from Hungary on November 11, 2017
Thanks Drew for shortening the Klavanless weekend. 😉

Sucked . . .

in iTunes by Buford_B from USA on November 11, 2017
No, I mean I was sucked in by this story! I’ve listened to Klavan’s political musings, but never a novel. So I decided to give this a try on a long drive. At first I thought it was a little comic-bookish (graphic novelish?), but the plot twists were consistently surprising and the fabric of a deeper theme is starting to emerge. I just finished Ep #5 and can’t wait for 6. Highly recommend!

Amazing, Simply Amazing

in iTunes by WIAAWB from USA on November 11, 2017
I have been wanting to read something of Andrew Klavan’s ever since being introduced to his Fiction through Haunting Mellisa. Unfortunately, I never set the time aside to do so. So glad for another opportunity. Michael Knowles bring the story alive.
The story being told in first person brings this mode of telling essential. After reading so many first books and seeing them turned to hollow movies. I am so glad Hollywood has rejected you two enough to force this story be told this way. Any other would have been short changing the experience. Sometimes Hollywood does something right.

Klavan is one of the best of our time

in iTunes by CVICK 2111 from USA on November 11, 2017
Andrew Klavan is a great writer that continues his excellence with this podcast. I’m thankful I am able to listen to it on my phone, it makes my drive more pleasant in this crazy world. The guy reading it has a voice that serenades my libido with his well pronounced syllables. Sigh.

Fantastic fantasy!

in iTunes by Hedda12345677890 from Norway on November 11, 2017
Andrew Klavlan, master craftsman of books with words in them, has created another intriguing and exciting story.
Following a failed authour named Austin, as he tries to get his career together he suddenly finds himself in another world accused of murder. Austin does not know anyone there, never ever been there before, yet everyone knows Austin as a well known member of their world.
Clouded with mystery, romance and fantasy, Another Kingdom has all this and more!
My only question is what’s up with this Knowles guy and why Klavlan has him as his narraitor. Does he have some kind of leverage on Klavlan?

I don’t like these kinds of stories

in iTunes by Punumba from New Zealand on November 11, 2017
So often I find when you have a cross over between our world and a fantasy world it is to make it more relatable to us in this world… I find this incredibly annoying…
That is not what Klavan is doing here, or so it doesn’t seem. The two stories are entertwined, the stories depend on each other. I’m anxious to find out where it goes.

Way above average

in iTunes by kurtallsports from USA on November 10, 2017
The writing is as expected from the great Andrew Klavan. The reading by Michael Knowles is far above my very low expectations. The only way this is better is if it’s a video podcast, which I would also give a 5 Star.

Great story. Needs a language warning

in iTunes by Johnny-come-lately from Australia on November 10, 2017
A gripping tale, I’m hooked.


in iTunes by Blahzé Misfits from USA on November 10, 2017
This is audio covfefe. Literary crack. Perfect entertainment to crack during mundane tasks courtesy of the Daily Wire’s own Andrew “Da Bull” Klavan (how do you spell that?) and Beyonce’s more talented cousin Michael Knowles. 10/10 do recommend again and again my friend.

Best of words

in iTunes by MR GQ LONDON from UK on November 10, 2017
Great story

Great story!

in iTunes by blobmasterer from USA on November 10, 2017
Can’t wait for each episode

Overlord Klavan does it again

in iTunes by trimgod_666 from USA on November 10, 2017
Very interesting, after listening to two episodes, I’ll definitely be tuning in every week.
Week five was exceptionally good, very suspenseful!!!!

It’s ok

in iTunes by Heyo nonno from USA on November 10, 2017
Worth a listen

Can’t get much better than this

in iTunes by IllegalBurrito from USA on November 10, 2017
The title speaks for itself. The writing is superb and the delivery is excellent. Hooked from the first episode.

Dig it.

in iTunes by Ubii2001 from USA on November 9, 2017
Pretty good.

Compelling and Dramatic!

in iTunes by Zsinger8 from Canada on November 9, 2017
The first episode steals your attention and leaves you wanting more, and Michael Knowles brings personality to Austin Lively’s role. Looking forward to hearing more!


in iTunes by ManaryCorte from Brazil on November 9, 2017
Very well written and very well performed! Each second is filled with tension and expectation. Great!

Most excellent tale

in iTunes by Soren Ras from Denmark on November 9, 2017
A murder mystery mixing moden Hollywood and a medieval fantasy world, with more than a touch of Chandler-esque noir elements, this unusual blending of genres succeeds admirably in capturing and keeping the listener’s attention. This review is based on the first four episodes, but on the strength of those, there is little to fear. Writer Andrew Klavan has a great ear for dialogue and Michael Knowles is remarkably effective as the narrator, the hapless protagonist who is whisked from his dreary and unsatisfying life as a failed Hollywood screenwriter to the rather more exciting if unenviable status as murder suspect number one in a fantasyland of fantastical creatures and decidedly feudal outlook of crime and punishment. This one is a keeper. Highly recommended!


in iTunes by Charlezpm from USA on November 9, 2017
Top shelf

Subscribe now!!!!

in iTunes by Mrpibb208 from USA on November 9, 2017
This show is ticketey boo. The bees knees. The “insert appropriate state for something awesome amazing beyond your mortal comprehension”
Good job Mikey and Drew. Keep it up.


in iTunes by Not worth it1444 from USA on November 8, 2017
Klavan’s writing is amazing; descriptive and entertaining. Knowles brings it to life with his massive range. Nice work gents!

Masterful Story! Need more!

in iTunes by Kakarot88 from USA on November 8, 2017
In the age of Netflix and instant gratification it’s cruel they make us wait each week! Great show!

Motivated by cause

in iTunes by BrockaMusic from USA on November 8, 2017
I’ve been a podcasts listener for years and currently subscribed to over 30. This is my second review ever. Granted, we support people we already have interest and investment in, is my genuine motivation for having even listened to this narrative; being transparent. Not a fan of fantasy, even the exquisite works of Neil Gaiman. Surprised by how much I’m enjoying this. More enthusiastic about going forward after hearing Klavan has written in real nature, genuine good vs evil elements. Very impressed by the talent and performances of Knowles. A great merriment of the two gentleman’s talents! @conservexx


in iTunes by Mariaye from Canada on November 8, 2017

Welcome mix of fantasy and whodunnit

in iTunes by Jakdec22 from USA on November 8, 2017
I have enjoyed a couple of Mr Klavan’s novels… and am now a loyal podcast fan (both Klavan and Knowles). This serialized audio novel/play is, so far, great fun. Can’t wait for next episode.

Who knew?

in iTunes by Nimi6666666 from USA on November 8, 2017
That Klavan and Knowles have real talent. It is so good! If it were a book I wouldn’t be able to put it down. I can’t wait for the next episode

Great show!

in iTunes by Crashdown1979 from USA on November 8, 2017
Very enjoyable


in iTunes by RyanIsGay from USA on November 8, 2017
Love the series (minus knowles)

Of the best words, and a little covfefe

in iTunes by JAYDDRO from USA on November 7, 2017
So far so good. This podcast has a lot of words. So many words. The best words. I will add that if the superior to Michael Knowles in every way & legendary author Overlord Klavan, the first of his name, detroyer of fake news, bringer of Covfefe, the last of his house fails to make a cameo appearance by episode five, I’m gonna ask for my money back……

Great podcast!

in iTunes by Netzer31415 from USA on November 7, 2017
Andrew’s writing is prime, and Michael’s voice is perfect for the part(s)!
I’m subscribed and really enjoy their podcasts on the Daily Wire. It is fun to see both of their talents work together on a project like this.


in iTunes by JPH76 from Canada on November 7, 2017
I only downloaded this because it was Klavan and wanted to support it. I really didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I do. I was worried it would be slow and annoying like audiobooks. I was WRONG!
Very entertaining, a good speed, and it’s torture waiting for the next episode.

Great story !!

in iTunes by kealii01 from USA on November 7, 2017
Once a week is NOT enough!!
Cmon !!
2-3 times a week at least !!

Unique Concept

in iTunes by DWH111 from Canada on November 6, 2017
Love Klavan & Knowles’ podcasts, they bring humor to the politically correct bs destroying any reasoned debate these days! Their collaboration on Another Kingdom is a unique & refreshing break from today’s bleak political insanity for awhile! Highly recommend it!

Artfully crafted story

in iTunes by Mediated from USA on November 6, 2017
Andrew Klavan works very hard at his craft of storytelling, and it is very evident in Another Kingdom. It is very easy to get lost in the story and find yourself griped in anticipation as to what will happen next. Well done!

Thank you

in iTunes by TheRhino22 from USA on November 6, 2017
Only 2 episodes in so far, but it’s been simply fantastic. This is the perfect cultural experience for the daily drive to and from work. Thank you again and keep up the great work

Fun and entertaining.

in iTunes by Jtravo from USA on November 6, 2017
A fun show by some of my favorite people.

Good story, horrible narrator

in iTunes by Datadrew from USA on November 6, 2017
The story is fun, great idea. The writing is great. I have always enjoyed Klavan’s style, wit and creativity, but I have no idea why they drag Knowles into everything. Ten minutes into the first episode, I had to turn it off and take a breather. I gave it about an hour and went back to it, firm in my convictions to get all the way through. I did it, and managed to get to the most recent episode before posting this… Listening to this dolt is like hearing an obama speech without a teleprompter. I think he read it for the first time when he recorded it. Mid sentence pauses and constantly contradicting character voices create a highly annoying listening experience. I do not know what Knowles has on Klavan or the Daily Wire to keep involving him in projects. But, there has to be something in the closet to continue to push this no talent hack into every aspect of the Daily Wire sphere.

Love it.

in iTunes by Micah c Jeub from USA on November 6, 2017
Great story. C.S. Lewis would be proud


in Stitcher by Rook23 from USA on November 6, 2017
Another kingdom has a great story and interesting characters.

Great besides one thing

in iTunes by Three Striper from USA on November 6, 2017
Love the story and am really into it. That is except for the fact that there’s seriously a character named “Jane Janeaway” makes me want to punch a small child out of frustration. Other than that very entertaining!

Great great story

in iTunes by Acecehevste1122 from USA on November 6, 2017
Literary genius. The writing is amazing


in iTunes by Edrius from UK on November 6, 2017
Lord Klavan, procurer of the salty libation of eternal happiness, has kept me on the edge of my seat with Another Kingdom! Unfortunately my vocabulary fails to provide me with a description surpassing brilliant!
Thank you Lord Klavan!


in iTunes by Ggggghhhheee from Australia on November 6, 2017
Swiftly swept up into the world created by Andrew Klavan’s abundant imagination, I find myself truly engaged with the characters and story line. Wonderful voice acting by Mr Knowles himself completes a must listen podcast!

Another Kingdom

in iTunes by Parmia from USA on November 5, 2017

Another Home Run

in iTunes by Seansquatch from Canada on November 5, 2017
Dear Overlord of All Things Classy, Molassy, Top Quality, Excellent and Super Duper, and King of Trolls, Mole of Moles, and The Only Face You Can See From Space.
I’m a huge fan of The Daily Wire and both of your shows. I began listening to Another Kingdom this morning and just finished episode 4. You’ve found a way to save me from a weekend of hopelessness and all forms of despair.
I love this new story! Drew has written an exciting tale that is brought to life by Michals supreme voice acting skills.
I’m hooked.
Keep up the awesome!
Sean, a crazy Canadian

Character Inspiration theory

in iTunes by Docwink from USA on November 5, 2017
Could the rat faced woman (or acutely the woman faced rat) have been inspired by the notorious RBG? The physical similarity is hard to deny… but the rat was actually helpful in creating more freedom, so the theory falls to the ground.
Can’t wait for episode five.

Dark, Gritty, Excellent

in iTunes by Liam O’Bryan from USA on November 5, 2017
Excellent writing and narration, and while I would be biased to saying such things since I listen to both Knowles’ and Klavan’s other podcasts, it is not bias when I say that. It really is quite excellent. Dark, gritty, intriguing, the only downside being that the premise is a bit cliche for those of us who enjoy sci-fi.
Five covfefes out of kek.

Really enjoying this.

in iTunes by Jpurcell45 from USA on November 5, 2017
Great story line. Knowles is doing a good job on the read. Enjoy the background noises, I think it adds to the experience.

Shades of Narnia

in iTunes by Friend of MAGA Mike from USA on November 5, 2017
I was a little skeptical at first. There are shades of Narnia where the main character goes through a door and ends up in another…well kingdom, but the story is attention grabbing and keeps me looking forward to next week’s release. I could do without the expletives. They seem unnecessarily thrown in.

Why the cougar sound?

in iTunes by Novastarhunter from USA on November 5, 2017
They used a cougar sound for an ogre which was rather unusual, other than that an excellent story thus far.


in iTunes by knwhitten from USA on November 4, 2017
I binged all 4 available episodes the first day. This is an entertaining story, well written, and an exciting find for this reader who loves mysteries but – for now – has no time to read!

Well written and wonderfully performed

in iTunes by Steviehogge from USA on November 4, 2017
I listen to a lot of audiobooks before but very few keep you engaged through out. Another Kingdom has me hanging on even word of the story. Andrew Klavan is a great writer and his skill is full display while Michael Knowles delivers a solid performance.

Outrageous and compelling

in iTunes by K3Kt from USA on November 4, 2017
I started out thinking it was wild and crazy, but I listened to all four episodes and now I don’t want to wait a week for the next one. So many twists and turns from all different directions. Can’t wait for the next one!

Better than I could have imagined!

in iTunes by Christuff from USA on November 4, 2017
First time really listening to an audiobook type podcast. Must say it’s well written and keeps you locked in and easy to follow. Friday’s REALLY can’t come soon enough now.

Very enjoyable!

in iTunes by fitnessbygretch from USA on November 4, 2017
Fantastic series so far! I cannot wait to see what happens next!!

An honest review

in iTunes by PropagandaPolice from USA on November 4, 2017
Truth be told, I haven’t had a chance to listen to this yet but I know that Andrew Klavan has the Midas touch when it comes to fiction and podcasts. I’m only on Chapter 3 of Michael Knowles book “Reasons to Vote for Democrats – A Comprehensive Guide” but once I finish this gem, I will certainly have time to listen to this!

Something new

in iTunes by Natty Bum from USA on November 3, 2017
The shiny head is stepping out of his comfort zone and writing mythology in his tough guy nior style.


in iTunes by sophia_pilar from USA on November 3, 2017
I’ve never listened to an audio book podcast before Another Kingdom. As an everyday listener to the Andrew Klavan show, I only checked out the first episode of Another Kingdom bc I wanted to show my bio, Drew, some support. BUT, the story sucked me in! And who know Michael Knowles could act?! I cant wait for next week!

More fun than Battlefield 1 on XBOX One

in iTunes by Steve McGruder from USA on November 3, 2017
If you’ve been looking for a fantasy/suspense/time warp audio experience voiced by the most articulate person in the known universe, look no further.
I’ve enjoyed The Andrew Klavan Show podcast since it started. He’s been mentioning this serial podcast for a while so I thought I’d give it a try. Michael Knowles does a first-rate job on the performance(s) and does an excellent job differentiating between characters so it’s easy to follow along. They use foley and background sound effects reminiscent of old radio serials. I’d say the story is a relevant spin on several old storytelling devices. It’s sort Steven King’s “11/23/63” meets Game of Thrones with an added look at the inner workings of Hollywood thrown in for good measure. I’m hooked and can’t wait to hear more!
Long Live Emperor Klavan

Got any spare change?

in iTunes by GTLongshot from USA on November 3, 2017
(King Klavan, mightiest of the mighty, if you read this. That’s one time I’ve asked for spare change, all I need to do is ask twice more and I get hired, right?)
But seriously, I love this drama. I didn’t originally like Michael’s portrayal of the show through his voice talent very much, but the story was gripping so I kept listening. Now, his voice has grown on me and I love the show even more. I can’t wait to hear what’s coming next.


in iTunes by angelsfan1522 from USA on November 3, 2017
I have been a huge fan of Klavan and knowles podcasts so I decided to give this a chance and I absolutely love it I am glad they put this out.

What is this, 2010?!

in iTunes by blueExcess from USA on November 3, 2017
Who’s twisted idea was it to make something this great and then only release one episode a week??


in iTunes by Robinbobobin from USA on November 3, 2017
Still not sure where this is going but I’ve been enjoying the ride.

Stirs my mind like a milkshake

in iTunes by Klopfersoftie from Germany on November 3, 2017
I enjoy listening to podcasts while writing code. However when I listen to Another Kingdom, coding stops and mentally I go elsewhere. Klavan writes in such a gripping manner it has full rein of my imagination the whole time. The podcast free weekend is now not such a dry stretch when I can wait for the next chapter each Friday. I only wish I myself could write good like he does.

I am hooked

in iTunes by Soar Dragon from Australia on November 3, 2017
A great twist on the modern person visiting a fantasy land. I can’t speak more highly of the story. Great characters, genuinely intriguing and creepy.

Excellent and Entertaining

in iTunes by Mcgarrellc from USA on November 2, 2017
Something different but well worth a listen.


in iTunes by Colin321123 from Canada on November 2, 2017
God emperor Klavan has created a fascinating and gripping story!


in iTunes by MarcLDS87 from USA on November 2, 2017
Surprisingly great; coming from a guy who normally hates medieval fantasy stuff. This is worth the listen.

All hail the Klavanator!

in iTunes by MikeyBear84 from USA on November 2, 2017
If the Great and Mighty Ruler of the Multiverse (may he live forever) deems the King of Trolls worthy to sit at His right hand and narrate His words, then we must all bow down to His wishes!

A refreshing take on a classic tale

in iTunes by Robert Turton from UK on November 2, 2017
As much as protagonists finding themselves transported to fantasy worlds have become a tropes in modern fiction, Klavan’s honest portrayal of a more traditional outlook on life is refreshing. When combined with an intriguing story and solid delivery from the voice of Michael J. Knowles, Another Kingdom offers a novel perspective that leaves you wanting more.

A MUST Listen!

in iTunes by HerrMeismer from USA on November 2, 2017
If you enjoy Michael Knowles – listen. If you enjoy Fantasy novels – listen. If you ever played Dungeons & Dragons or even once saw a 20 side die – listen. If you like plot twists – listen. If you have a freaking pulse and can hear – for the love of all that is right and holy – do yourself a favor and listen!


in iTunes by Clenzen from USA on November 2, 2017
Brilliant I tell you!

Better to hear for you cannot unsee

in iTunes by Feller87 from USA on November 1, 2017
I am seeking therapy for the image of knowles in spaghetti straps burned into my brain … great book great narration keep up the good work

Great story

in iTunes by Leon Clark from UK on October 31, 2017
Another great Klavan story. Beyonce’s cousin telles it cery well


in iTunes by Mr Safety from Canada on October 27, 2017
The only downside to this podcast is that I have to wait a week for the next episode to come out. Riveting storytelling matched with the voicework of Michael Knowles has me captivated from the beginning. Check it out if you are in the mood for fantasy, adventure, and mystery. Recommended. 5/5

Love it! lots of fun

in Stitcher by Doug AZ from USA on October 27, 2017
Hope to see more stories preformed like this someday soon.

A Conservative Renaissance

in iTunes by AaronDNeil from Canada on October 27, 2017
Klavan and Knowles represent a renaissance in conservative thought, humour and the arts. A new movement is growing of creative conservatives who want to engage culture and express the inner life of man. The left has lost its monopoly on culture, because it can no longer speak to this inner life honestly.
Another Kingdom is entertaining, captivating and honest. Today it’s a podcast, tomorrow it’s a movement. Keep it up Andrew Klavan.

Love it

in iTunes by Boris gonzalez from Australia on October 27, 2017
Its a cleverly written story by Andrew Klavan and great narration by Michael Knowles. Looks like its going some interesting places!


in iTunes by WhatTheEpic! from UK on October 26, 2017
Supreme overlord Klavan has a way with words. 😉

Me Like It.

in iTunes by Ted Blurn from Australia on October 26, 2017
Me like it.


in iTunes by DebK65 from Australia on October 25, 2017
A great aural read!

Great Podcast

in iTunes by BadHatMat from Canada on October 24, 2017

Andrew Klavan Another Kingdom

in iTunes by Bo294 from Canada on October 24, 2017
Thank Goodness,
A Real Story by a Real Writer.

Just another reason Klavan is our supreme leader

in iTunes by –Thisguy– from Canada on October 24, 2017
As always klavan does a great job conveying deep ideas in an entertaining way and knowles does a great job performing it


in Stitcher by tomatoesneil from USA on October 24, 2017
the show has a very intriguing story so far, love the voice.

Fantasy but surprisingly gripping

in iTunes by Badmanmason from UK on October 23, 2017
A very entertaining story that is better than expected! A beguiling combination of a fantasy story and an engaging thriller that so far with two episodes in leaves me waiting for the next episode.


in iTunes by wrexxy from Australia on October 22, 2017
Don’t get into fiction much these days but with Klavan’s linguistic prowess, and Knowles’ superb vocal skills, it’s a joy to listen to.

Listen to it!

in iTunes by Smurfnipples from Canada on October 22, 2017
This story changed me from a life of renting presidential suits in Russia and hiring escorts to urinante on the bed, to a normal of working hard and caring about those around me.

Driving imagination

in iTunes by Gerald Carson from UK on October 21, 2017
Using well known tropes from movies and fantasy stories this drama expertly creates a very real fantastical world through which the story is driven. Fascinating.

Fantastic !

in iTunes by Lecornichans from Canada on October 20, 2017
Its been excellent so far and I would highly recommend it .

Quality entertainment

in iTunes by Owlbear3000 from Brazil on October 20, 2017
If you are familiar with Andrew Klavan’s writing I don’t need to say anything else. If you’re not, give this podcast a shot. With Klavan’s mastery of thrilling narratives and a compelling performance by the bestselling author Michael J. Knowles, Another Kingdom promises a fantastic adventure and quality entertainment for those disillusioned with futile TV programming and vapid internet content.


in iTunes by xstayfocusedx from Canada on October 20, 2017
Instantly draws you in!

An interesting story so far

in iTunes by OGthoughs from Netherlands on October 20, 2017
Really gripping, waiting patiently for the next episode. Recommended!


in iTunes by TassieChris from Australia on October 19, 2017
I was surprised just how good this is. I did not know what to expect, but I was pleased by the quality of this podcast. I’ll keep listening.

Great knowles

in iTunes by pspjoseph from France on October 19, 2017
This is a great podcast story that’s all bye.

Awesome concept & hooked after the first show!

in Stitcher by tconx85 from USA on October 19, 2017
The show is great and interesting. How appropriate that is deals with the smoking ashes of Hollywood. Hoping this is the start of an avalanche of alternative entertainment that doesn’t lecture the entertained about why their views suck.

Great first episode

in iTunes by BackToRome from New Zealand on October 18, 2017
Promising start, interested to see where this is going.

Hooked Already!

in iTunes by Cait7lin from Australia on October 17, 2017
The thrilling storytelling of Andrew Klavan (who has the best words) combined with the compelling voice acting of Michael Knowles (who can’t write words but can recite them beautifully)? Yes, please.

Terrific action/adventure/fantasy action book

in iTunes by Mudwallow from Canada on October 16, 2017
Author Andrew Klavan and performer Michael Knowles combine to create a top quality action/adventure/fantasy (and mordantly funny) audiobook released podcast style. Austin Lively is a script reader and a wannabe screenwriter but is best described as a “Hollywood Nobody” who finds himself unexpectedly cast into a medieval world from our own and into alot of trouble. Knowles is a terrific narrator and nails many of the voices very well. Klavan previously wrote the excellent novel “Werewolf Cop” which is also a fantasy thriller (and much better than the title might indicate).


in iTunes by Alex_ander_W from Germany on October 16, 2017
This is well done—the story, the performance, the sound effects and the music.
Can’t believe I am listening to a podcast.
Best wishes from Berlin, Germany

5 Stars

in iTunes by Quinn17 from Canada on October 15, 2017
Love the concept. Will listen to anything Lord Klavan puts out

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